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Press Release

BuyaCar driven to Natterbox’s all-encompassing telephony platform for improved customer experience

Natterbox Team

London, 16th May 2019 – BuyaCar, the UK-based online car retailer, has today announced that it has selected Natterbox’s cloud-based telephony platform to improve customer service over the phone, a key element of its 5-star Trust Pilot rating.

The investment comes at an important time for the fast-growing, digital dealer as it grows its sales and customer service teams. The business has quadrupled annual car sales by 407% since it was acquired by Dennis Publishing in 2014.

As a true digital dealer with no face-to-face interaction with customers, frictionless, efficient telephone communication processes are paramount to BuyaCar.co.uk. With sales now exceeding 500 used cars a month, every customer who makes an enquiry or places an order is then contacted by one of the retailer’s 65 operating staff via the phone to find out more information regarding their future purchase.

BuyaCar was previously using a standard telephony solution which presented significant challenges in a rapidly scaling business when it came to reporting on and routing calls. Having implemented Salesforce, the company wanted a telephony partner that integrated with the platform and would help it better serve customers and maintain its award-winning reputation[1]. After evaluating several providers, BuyaCar chose to partner with Natterbox for its well-rounded platform, including call routing and reporting features.

The Natterbox platform will significantly improve the experience for BuyaCar’s staff and customers’ by increasing efficiency and effectiveness throughout the working day and ensuring customers are looked after promptly and to a high standard.

Austin Collins, Co-founder of Buyacar, commented: “Natterbox has already made a great impression – the team are very knowledgeable and responsive, they understood our set up incredibly quickly and continue to maintain a ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude. As an online retailer that is experiencing huge growth, even in today’s challenging market, offering excellent customer service is an absolute must and we make it a priority to ensure none of our customers are forgotten. As our customer base continues to grow and we hire new operating staff to keep up with increasing demand, Natterbox will play a vital role in making sure we stick to our values, no matter how big the company becomes.”

Neil Hammerton, CEO and Co-founder, Natterbox said: “BuyaCar is experiencing possibly one of the most important times in its growth, and we are very excited to partner with them in such a significant period. Although retail is increasingly moving online, the importance of customer service will never go away and BuyaCar truly understands that. We are looking forward to playing a key role in the company’s future and seeing how it will grow with the Natterbox platform in place.”

About Natterbox

Natterbox launched in 2010 to solve business telephony issues and bring voice into the digitised customer experience through a global cloud PBX service that captures and integrates voice into customer processes. Over 500 organisations around the world rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience, drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organisational success. Customers include Groupon and Legal & General.

About Buyacar.co.uk

Buyacar.co.uk, the online new and used car distance sales specialist, was founded in 2002 by brothers Austin and Oliver Collins, whose family is steeped in motor trade history going back several generations.  Working as a general IT consultant by day, Austin began to develop a purely online motor retail business model to help Oliver’s small used car operation. Together they saw that while traditional dealers faced a threat to profitability from the greater competition opened up by online car advertising, there were also major opportunities to boost dealer sales by broadening customer reach.  While most motor retail-orientated digital businesses focused on lead generation – capturing car search and enquiry information from consumers to pass on for dealers to follow up – the Collins brothers created an ‘order gen’ model.

The Buyacar.co.uk business model pioneered the concept of handling every stage of the sales process while enabling the dealer to retain 100% of target margin, driving incremental sales with no additional effort.  The business dubs its model ‘order gen’ to differentiate the Buyacar.co.uk approach from traditional lead generation providers. Concentrating initially on new cars, Buyacar.co.uk proved especially valuable as a flexible tool for dealers, which they could ‘switch on’ if they needed to meet stringent new car targets at short notice.  Dealer partners also valued being able to retain the new car customer relationship by taking over the delivery and handover process.  Buyacar.co.uk introduced used car sales into the mix and proved what many motor trade observers had once said was impossible, enabling consumers to feel safe enough to buy second hand cars unseen.

Buyacar.co.uk prides itself as a business that benefits both sides in the car sales transaction; generating profitable additional business for dealers with no additional effort, while helping car buyers get exactly the car they want at a competitive price, fully protected by distance selling regulations, while avoiding the stressful process of negotiation.

[1] Winner of the 2018 F&A Awards ‘Treating Customers Fairly’