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Press Release

FXecosystem connects with customers

Natterbox Team

Technology specialist integrates CRM and telephony to drive international sales and service effectiveness

London January 20th.  Today Natterbox announces that FXecosystem, provider of technology solutions to the financial services market has chosen Natterbox cloud telephony and Salesforce integration to deliver a class-leading customer experience and competitive advantage.

Founded in 2010, FXecosystem has unrivalled FX market experience, knowledge and expertise in high speed, low latency connectivity.  Their financial services clients outsource all or part of their network connectivity and infrastructure needs and challenges.  James Banister, CEO; “We provide critical systems where speed, availability and Quality of Service defines our value to their business.  These characteristics are carried over in our interactions as a business, which includes speaking to clients all over the world by telephone. ” 

To drive the customer experience FXecosystem used Salesforce for their sales and service CRM.  When selecting a new telephony system, a key priority was to ensure it could integrate seamlessly with Salesforce, so that all call data could be captured and calls could be easily recorded.  Banister; “What surprised us was that there is a huge difference between VoIP suppliers in terms of core service, delivery and technology, as well as Salesforce integration and ease of management.  Natterbox was ahead of the competition in all aspects.”

FXecosystem’s reputation for customer service and responsiveness is a significant competitive differentiator and will be further enhanced by the selection of Natterbox.   Banister; “The customer experience is exceptional – customers can always reach their FXecosystem contact, call quality is excellent and their contact has all the information about the account instantly to hand.  To our clients it confirms we are a customer centric, service quality driven organisation, further enhancing our reputation in our market.”

The call recording facility has helped underpin their reputation internationally.  Banister; “We deal with global customers and many non-native English speakers.  Being able to quickly access a call recording from within Salesforce ensures we understand customer needs with great accuracy.”

Recently FXecosystem business growth drove the need for a relocation.  Banister; “When we moved to the new office we did not worry about disruption to the Natterbox service, we plugged the phones in and they worked – it was that simple.  This smooth relocation experience also demonstrated how we can rely on Natterbox’s service provision for the telephony aspect of our business continuity plan.”   

As FXecosystem continues to expand they are confident that their telephony system will be a growth driver.  Banister; “We know that Natterbox’s global Cloud PBX network scales, and has the flexibility to cater for any future requirements that we can envisage.”

Neil Hammerton, CEO Natterbox; “FXecosystem is a British success story in providing cutting-edge technology solutions to global financial institutions.  Their integrated CRM and telephony is the cornerstone of the first class customer experience that helps delivers their continued business growth.”

About FXecosystem

Founded in 2010, FXecosystem is a leading provider of outsourced connectivity services for the FX market (Foreign exchange market), providing optimised network solutions for trading infrastructures. The company provides low latency network connectivity, co-location/proximity hosting and fully managed services to banks and global entities that require end-to-end management of FX connectivity. The result is enhanced trade execution and operational efficiencies.

Contact FXecosystem:  www.fxecosystem.com

About Natterbox

Natterbox launched in 2010 to solve business telephony issues and bring voice into the digitised customer experience through a cloud PBX service that captures and integrates voice into customer processes and CRM systems. Over 250 organisations around the world rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience to drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organisational success. Customers include Groupon, Rakuten and Legal & General.

Contact sales@natterbox.com

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Alastair Martin
Global Marketing Director
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