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Get ahead on call recording compliance directly from within Salesforce™

Natterbox Team

London, 22nd December 2017, global transportation technology giant, Uber, is in hot water over allegations that employees have been secretly recorded without permission. The organisation conducted over 200 ‘listening sessions’ in response to a blog post by a former Uber engineer which alleged sexual harassment at the company. It is alleged that Uber secretly recorded these ‘listening session’ calls that were supposed to be anonymous.

Call recording in the UK is about to come under sharp scrutiny with the impending enforcement of GDPR in May 2018. Companies will have to prove verbal consent to be recorded from customers and employees, as well as the right to be forgotten, which will include removal of any call recordings that contain personally identifiable material for that customer.

With Natterbox AVS Record this is simple. Salesforce system administrators have complete control over the setup and management of AVS Record call recording policies directly though the Salesforce interface. Users can set up and manage different voice recording and archiving policies according to their business or compliance requirements. The system can provide archiving services from one month to an unlimited number of years. Voice recordings can be accessed via the relevant customer record in Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud, reducing discovery time and cost. Natterbox AVS Record can be downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange and can be installed and set up in a matter of hours.

Unlike software and ‘on-premise’ based voice recording products, Natterbox AVS Record allows admins to scale quality assurance, training and compliance globally, enabling sales and service staff to deliver better quality customer service with reduced discovery costs, leading to greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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