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Press Release

Natterbox joins the Cloud Industry Forum

Natterbox Team

Natterbox, the advanced voice cloud innovator delivering 100% cloud telephony in Salesforce, today announced it has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) – the industry body focused on raising standards and improving transparency in the cloud sector.

CIF is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve standards and education in the cloud industry. It provides transparency through certification to a Code of Practice to endorse credible providers of cloud services. Through its Professional CIF Membership Scheme, the industry body assists end users in determining the core information necessary to enable them to adopt cloud services with confidence.

Commenting on the announcement, Neil Hammerton, CEO, Natterbox, “Natterbox was born in the cloud and we use cloud capabilities to remove complexity from telephony and restore the quality of customer experience for businesses serving their customers. Legacy approaches have tied businesses to outdated customer service for too long, putting barriers between the business and the customer. In today’s world of high customer expectations this is no longer tenable and through our complete Salesforce integration we are able to transform an organisation’s capability to serve its customers through personalised phone journeys. We are proud to support CIF in its drive for higher standards and more transparency in the delivery of cloud services as we continue to enhance our own customer care and high quality service provision.”

Alex Hilton, CEO, Cloud Industry Forum, adds:

“Natterbox has leveraged the cloud to overturn outdated approaches to customer communications to innovate in the telephony space and bring an important, fresh perspective on telephony to our organisation. We’re delighted that they have joined CIF and look forward to working closely with them as we continue to evolve as an industry body.”

Natterbox is a cloud telephony provider offering a unique service – an application that enables an entire phone system to operate within Salesforce. This cloud telephony system enables administrators to create and manage their entire end-to-end phone system and contact system globally from within the Salesforce platform. It can act as a replacement for existing phone systems or it can also be smoothly integrated over the top of an existing PBX.