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Press Release

Natterbox Announces Launch of Insight on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Natterbox Team

Chicago, February 26, 2021 – Natterbox today announced it has launched Insight on Salesforce AppExchange, an intelligent conversational and sentiment analytics tool for improved customer experience and business efficiency. Insight can enable better remote training, improve customer satisfaction by identifying positive and negative interactions quickly, and reduce business risk by facilitating increased compliance with industry standards for customers.  

Natterbox Insight 

A core feature of Natterbox Insight is its training center. The platform listens to and transcribes all calls as well as performing in-depth analysis to identify specific discussion areas of note that it has been trained to search for. These can include specific categories such as positive or negative terms, phrases and sentiment analysis. For example, call centre supervisors can ask the platform to identify all calls that contain swearing. Supervisors can then quickly and easily leave targeted feedback on the call which is sent directly to the agent for response or acknowledgement. This can reduce the time a supervisor needs to spend on training from days to minutes, while also improving the quality of the training provided and directly contributing to increased sales. 

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Natterbox Insight is currently available on AppExchange.
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Comments on the News

Call center and sales staff are used to being in an office and being able to hear the customer conversations going on around them. As a result of the pandemic, this is no longer possible for those working from home – we have lost that micro-communication and training. The training features Insight offers therefore can fill that gap in helping supervisors to provide remote coaching to call agents. 

What’s more, many businesses we speak with currently do not proactively listen to recordings at all, and instead simply wait for a complaint to be made. This is because a solution that makes working in any other way possible, has simply not been available to them until now. Insight will therefore be a vital tool for businesses looking to improve their customer experience.

Neil Hammerton, CEO, Natterbox

We are excited that Natterbox is continuing to innovate on AppExchange as they strengthen their global voice platform, AppExchange is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers, and we love watching our partners evolve alongside us.

Woodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange

About Natterbox 

Natterbox is a leading provider of global voice solutions for Salesforce. It facilitates better, more aligned business conversations through innovative, end-to-end business telephony. Through its technical expertise and a foundational commitment to long-term partnerships, Natterbox has helped over 600 organizations, including Fruit of the Loom, GE, and Groupon, improve customer service, enhance sales productivity, and engage in data-driven decision-making. Natterbox was founded in 2010 and has offices in London, Chicago, and Sydney. It is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

About Salesforce AppExchange 

Salesforce AppExchange, the world’s leading enterprise cloud marketplace, empowers companies, developers and entrepreneurs to build, market and grow in entirely new ways. With more than 6,000 listings, 9 million customer installs and 98,000 peer reviews, AppExchange connects customers of all sizes and across industries to ready-to-install or customizable apps and Salesforce-certified consultants to solve any business challenge.   

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