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Press Release

Natterbox releases suite of updates to revolutionise voice communications in customer service

Natterbox Team

Skills-based routing, enhanced reporting and seamless call back systems are now available to streamline efficiency of contact centres and improve the customer experience

London –  16th May 2018: Natterbox, a leading provider of global voice services, today announced a range of new updates to its platform, including skills-based routing and call back systems designed to offer customers a more efficient and personalised service.

Creating a differentiated customer experience is crucial for any business and how they communicate with their customers is an integral part of this. These updates significantly enhance customer communication via the phone, making it much more aligned to our fast-paced, time-poor and always-on lives. Customers no longer have to wait in 30-minute queues or worry about whether, by the time they get through, they’re speaking to someone who can actually help them.

Skills-based routing

Customer calls can now be put through to the call centre agents best equipped to deal with their specific needs. This could be their ability to speak French, their deep knowledge of a certain product or their ability to deal with difficult customers, for example. Skills-based routing means that the Salesforce admin can assign skills to their agents and automatically route calls that require a particular skill to the most suited recipient.

Natterbox’s unique approach to skills routing, where skills can be assigned based on information in the CRM database, opens up a host of possibilities. For example, a business could hold back its most skilled agents for the customers with the most valuable opportunities or those customers with a low first call resolution score. This feature will ultimately help limit waiting times and make the customers’ experience much more tailored, smoother and rewarding.

Virtual queue

Natterbox has also updated its virtual queue system by enabling automatic call backs. If a customer doesn’t want to wait on hold until an agent is available, they can now reserve their place in the queue then hang up. When they reach the top of the queue and an agent is available, the service automatically rings them back, meaning customers are not left waiting on the line.

Virtual queues – often the preserve of expensive and complex phone systems – is now available to anyone making use of Natterbox AVS Contact Centre. Natterbox has even sorted out all the reporting niggles often associated with virtual queue systems, ensuring that reporting accuracy is not sacrificed for customer experience.  

More powerful reporting engine

Natterbox has redesigned and rebuilt its reporting engine from the ground up, improving the depth and configurability of the system. The new advanced reporting service records much more data and significantly enhances its accessibility. By leveraging the inbuilt CRM reporting engine, anyone with a passing familiarity with their Salesforce setup can create powerful call metrics reports to complement the 75 reports and dashboards pre-built into the platform.

The updated reporting system can capture and crunch a huge volume of customer data at a faster rate. This provides businesses with greater and more seamless visibility of company performance, and the ability to create a better service for callers.

Neil Hammerton, CEO and Co-Founder of Natterbox, said: “Since day one, we have dedicated to continual improvement of our technology and services – it’s always been central to our ability to forge long-term relationships with our customers. Voice communication is a hugely powerful tool for businesses but is often overlooked as an area for investment. These new updates are designed to show the impact and benefit that good voice communication can provide to businesses and their customers.”

These updates are now available to all Natterbox users via an automatic application update or from the Salesforce App Exchange. For more information please see https://www.natterbox.com/cloud-contact-centre/

About Natterbox

Natterbox launched in 2010 to solve business telephony issues and bring voice into the digitised customer experience through a global cloud PBX service that captures and integrates voice into customer processes. Over 500 organisations around the world rely on Natterbox to set new standards in customer experience, drive measurable increases in sales efficiency, competitive advantage and organisational success. Customers include Groupon and Legal & General.