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Natterbox two time winner of ‘Demo Jam’ – building a live contact centre in just 3 minutes

Natterbox Team

Sydney, August 29 2017, Natterbox has once again won the prestigious Salesforce ‘Demo Jam’ this time at the Down Under Dreaming Sydney Edition event, impressing the audience by building a contact centre in just 3 minutes and being voted as the winner.

Natterbox was one of 6 respected AppExchange partners chosen to demo their product. Contestants had just 3 minutes to demo capabilities so Natterbox VP Asia Pacific, Charles Heunemann, took to the stage to demonstrate how easy it is to set up a contact centre, 100% native in Salesforce with Natterbox’s latest release Advanced Voice Services (AVS).

Charles started the demo jam by inviting the Down Under Dreaming audience to volunteer to be Natterbox contact centre agents by using their mobile phones to text their first name into Salesforce.  Each audience volunteer received a personalised text message confirming their status as a Natterbox contact centre agent. He then provisioned a new Sydney phone number that would allow a customer to call into the instant Natterbox contact centre.

Natterbox AVS put the customer into a live call queue, where the call was first routed to Natterbox’s new WebRTC phone in Salesforce. It was then automatically distributed to the volunteer audience contact centre mobile phones, who then received a personalised call greeting them by their name. The first volunteer who accepted the call won a bottle of wine for their participation.

Natterbox AVS is a complete business phone system & contact centre 100% natively embedded in Salesforce. Administrators can create and manage their entire phone system, create caller journeys and buy numbers through Salesforce. No Hardware. No Software.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Advanced Voice Services (AVS) is currently available on the AppExchange.

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