Natterbox for Service Cloud®

Transform your telephony experience and empower your agents with fast and personalised support.

All the customer information your agents need, at their fingertips

By accessing the information you have inside Salesforce using the Natterbox app, you can easily personalise welcome greetings and route your customers to the right agent first time. Enabling faster support and a personalised telephony experience.

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Are you losing business from generic communication with your customers?


65% of people say they’re extremely likely or somewhat likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t personalise their communication to them


83% of people expect to be immediately routed to the agent most knowledgeable about their issue


78% of people expect the agent to know their service history so they don’t have to spend time repeating themselves

Source: Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer

Your customer’s telephone journey starts as soon as they dial your number.

Complicated and generic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) leads to frustration and complaints. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and assess your current telephony experience from their perspective. The best experience we get anywhere, becomes the experience we expect everywhere.

Is it an experience you would like to receive yourself? If not, it’s time to take action. Service Cloud enables you to transform your telephony experience, whilst empowering your service agents to deliver fast and personalised support, by leveraging customer data in Salesforce.

Key Features & Benefits

Salesforce Integration

The world’s first global business phone system with Contact Centre, 100% embedded and managed entirely within Salesforce.

Empower Service Agents

Never make a customer wait while you search for their record again. Natterbox CTI empowers your agents with the inbound caller’s contact and account details and links directly to the customer record with their full-service history.

Personalised Customer Experience

Easily set up personalised caller journeys and route customers to the most skilled agent for First Contact Resolution (FCR), based on Salesforce data and previous interactions.

Total Visibility

Display real time call activity for cases, SLA’s and queues on multi-screen directly through Salesforce and our Wallboards using Contact Centre.

Accelerate Productivity

Gain greater efficiency with automatic case creation and activity logging, click-to-dial, screen pop, user defined wrap up codes, incoming call whispers, live call history notes and more, all within Service Cloud.

Easily Scalable

Expand into new markets with Salesforce PBX, and deploy a new phone system in a new location, in a matter of minutes.

Actionable Insights

60+ points of call data captured and automatically pushed into a lead/contact in Salesforce. All of which can be built into 120+ customisable Salesforce reports and dashboards, to help you make better business decisions.

Global Data Centres

Natterbox is available worldwide; serviced by our network of 8 global data centres, providing quality of service for calls, reliability and reduced complexity.

Multilingual Support

Support customers globally with our powerful text to speech engine that supports over 20 languages with over 120 voices.

Quality Assurance

Listen live and Record calls to ensure every communication with your customers and prospects is to the highest standard.

One Trusted Provider

We own our own Cloud PBX and our solution is 100% managed and embedded within Salesforce. Enabling transparency, flexibility and support, without needing to escalate to third party telephony suppliers.

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