What does a personalised caller journey look like?

In less than 5 minutes you can experience 3 of Natterbox's top features that transform customer experience over the telephone.


Personalised text to speech

When calling in, you will be greeted by name using the information you submit via the form. Natterbox uses customer data held inside Salesforce to deliver personalised telephony experiences.


Call recording

You will also get to test our call recording feature, which customers use for training and compliance purposes. Ensuring optimal call quality between interactions with customers and prospects.

Email icon

Email and SMS text alerts

Throughout this try me demo, you will also receive email and SMS text alerts that are triggered by a call routing policy. These are set up easily within Salesforce, enabling you to take your customers through a desired journey.

Try it yourself to see how your organisation can bring voice into the digitised customer experience.

Note: For this demo to work, it’s important that you submit the right email and telephone number. For example, if you’re calling on your mobile then please include that number and not your landline.