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What does Brexit mean to Natterbox?

Natterbox Team


We can’t escape it, with Britain’s departure from the EU rapidly approaching, all media attention is focused on what will happen next as the Country sits back and awaits uncertainty.

So, as everyone else is talking about it, why shouldn’t we?

Our Chief Operating Officer, Adrian Evans spoke to Marketing about what Brexit will mean to Natterbox and our customers.

Will we be closing up shop after Brexit?

Natterbox’s platform and security will be no different or weaker after Brexit and all technical and organisational measures, compliance obligations and Company data processing policies and procedures remain the same and in place. The UK has adopted the whole of GDPR into law under the Data Protection Act 2018 and has no plans to repeal or change that law under Brexit.

And what does this mean for our customers and partners?

Natterbox provides an international telecommunications platform, and as such already employs sub-processors from outside the EU to facilitate global telephony calls, store and process call policies in real time and provide links to globally distributed Client Salesforce and AWS instances.

Deal or no deal?

Under a regulated (negotiated) Brexit, Natterbox will:

Maintain existing data processing operations under an adequacy assessment provided by the EU. The European Commission has stated that if it deems the UK’s level of personal data protection essentially equivalent to that of the EU, it would make an adequacy decision allowing the transfer of personal data to the UK without restrictions.

Upon an unregulated (hard) Brexit, Natterbox will either:

  1. Assign all existing contractual arrangements to an EU Natterbox subsidiary and implement Binding Corporate Rules to govern and cover the transfer of data between these international subsidiaries.
  2. Provide Clients with updated Standard Contractual Clauses adding Natterbox Ltd (UK) to the list of non-EU organisations processing their data.

Have you started planning or are you waiting to see what’s next?

Plans are proceeding in the background to implement these contingency solutions. We shall communicate our intentions to clients in the weeks prior to the final Brexit date. We are currently monitoring the changing situation and eagerly awaiting political direction.

So there you are, business as usual. Whatever the outcome, Natterbox will still be here to provide all our global customers, prospects and partners with global business telephony, 100% embedded and managed within Salesforce.