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Confessions of a Call Centre Agent

When it comes to a bad phone experience, everyone has a story to tell.


As a customer, you mainly pick up the phone when you have a problem. You don’t want to be told your call is important, stay on the line – or even worse, we’re experiencing a lot of calls right now which leaves you thinking “so everyone else is having problems with this company as well”.

As a call or contact centre agent, you want information at your fingertips, who am I calling, what is our history with them and how can I best manage this call. If they’re calling in, surely you’d like your system to recognise the caller and show you all the information without having to search for it.

We live in an age when personalisation and customer experience is the key competitive differentiator, and no matter which end of the phone you are on, we all have expectations. The best experience you have anywhere, is the experience you expect everywhere. We want efficiency and a fast resolution to problems. We have high quotas to meet and want to hit our call numbers.

The Call and Contact Centre Expo is coming up at the end of this month at ExCel, London. Natterbox are exhibiting and we want to hear all about your experiences on either end of the phone.  

  • Have you had an experience with a customer on the phone, that was so terrible it’s actually funny?
  • Have you waited for so long in a call queue only then for the phone to go dead?
  • Have you spoken with someone who clearly has no idea what’s going on?
  • Have you had a call that was so bad at the beginning that you were ready to pull your hair out, however, it was turned around and ended well?

We will reward you with chocolate for your video confessions at the show and we are also giving away 3 Amazon Echo Dot’s for the best overall stories:

  1. The Best Service Resolution
  2. The Funniest Experience
  3. The Most Shocking Experience

Winners will be announced after we have reviewed all the footage from the event. In order to be in a chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot, come and see us on stand 2251, enter our phone box, tell us who you are and confess all.

Terms & Conditions apply.

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