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Customer Experience Management over the Telephone

Natterbox Team


Any leading business knows the importance of meeting customer expectations through customer experience management. It’s an easy formula:

Happy Consumers = Happy Business

The methods that can be employed to improve consumer satisfaction levels are, however, forever-changing. Some companies do inevitably fall behind.

As technology has evolved, the expectations of customers have evolved alongside it. With the increased control that consumers hold over the marketplace, the way a company delivers their service has become more important than ever. Businesses across the globe have been stepping up their game with tools that offer new and innovative ways to keep up with demands. With a ton of new technology at our disposal, maximising customer satisfaction over the phone has become simpler than we could’ve ever imagined.

But before we delve too far into that, let’s start with the basics.

What is Customer Experience Management?

Customer Experience management involves a series of processes used to continuously monitor and organise interactions between a consumer and the company. It’s not about simply serving your customers. It’s about gaining a complete understanding of them so that their individual needs can be catered to.

The aim of the game is not only to foster an invaluable sense of loyalty, but ultimately encourage clients to spread praise and strengthen your reputation.

As you can see, customer loyalty is essential for maintaining your brand image. For that reason, we’ve detailed some of the essential approaches to improve your status amongst consumers, and how this can be achieved over the telephone. Broadly, these are:

  • Always focusing on the customer
  • Using mechanisms to ensure fast and effective responses
  • Adding a personal touch to interactions
  • Simplifying the process

Now let’s take a look at these points in more depth…

Always Focus on the Customer

At first glance, this might seem like common sense. Customers are the determining factor for the success of your business. Clearly, it’s important to consider whether you’re keeping up with their expectations as well as you should be.

Developments in the technology sector have introduced new approaches that simplify this process of understanding consumers. Using the telephone might seem like an old-fashioned method, but these recent developments have created modern tools that make it easier to identify what individual customers are looking for.

Example: Voice Record and Intelligence featuresThis set of modern technology automatically captures and crafts reports about consumer data. This gives companies the opportunity to focus on what each individual needs from your company, what will benefit them, and how you can make their over-the-phone experience best suited to them personally.

Fast and Effective Responses

Customers don’t want to be reached days later. The rise of technology has created a new demand for timely interactions and immediate results. Successful brands will prioritise communication using features such as our Voice Intelligence, helping companies to respond as soon as a customer reaches out – and sometimes even before then.

Cloud technology gives you two distinct advantages:

  1. It means that you’re not limited by location, and
  2. It means you can use follow-the-sun support to provide 24 hour services

This cloud approach is essential for improving each customer’s experience with your company, fostering the idea that you have their best interests in mind and that supporting them really matters to you.

Adding a Personal Touch

Tailoring communications to understand as well as anticipate customers’ needs might seem like a big job, but has become a lot simpler in our tech-driven society. Rather than depersonalise the experience, it’s become more important than ever for customers to be treated like individuals.

New technologies are, ironically enough, capable of developing that necessary human touch.

For Example: Answering Phone Messages
Technology has allowed us to play personalised messages to customers when they ring up, and this small thing can have a major impact on how personalised your customer service experience feels to customers. Removing cliché messages and replacing it with relevant, customised content is the ideal way to show your respect for your customers.

This can even benefit your business on a grand scale. By promoting relevant products and services that customers have yet to obtain, you could spread awareness about other things you can offer them.

A personalised customer experience has been proven to drive sales, customer satisfaction and increase marketing campaign performance, which is why our tools are aimed towards knowing your customers in a level of depth that makes it easy to cater to their individualities.

A Daring New Approach to Sales

Sales reps play another crucial role in improving customer relations. The ability to understand the individual needs of customers is important for advising consumers on suitable products or services. Companies that cater to a variety of people from a variety of locations are especially required to improve communications with those that have been raised in different backgrounds and cultures.

New technology allows reps to be as prepared as possible, especially when adopting cloud-based voice services that have a huge effect on how your business communicates with customers. The flexibility and control offered by these features makes it easier for well-trained reps to manage customer expectations, ensuring a rewarding experience that encourages that all-important feeling of personalization and effective communication.

Simplifying the Process for Everyone’s Benefit

Harvesting data is one thing, but putting it to use is another. Armed with the right insights and technology, you can actively transform the customer experience by altering how you engage with customers over the phone.

Companies that provide immediate, personalised, and effortless services are always going to be a step above the rest.

With traditional telephone methods, this hasn’t always been easy to provide. With technology now capable of capturing incredible amounts of data about your customers, features like Relationship-Based Routing incorporates all of this valuable information when interacting with consumers over the phone, whilst Voice Intelligence and Recording keeps this data easily stored and accessible.

Keep Up With Ongoing Developments

To maintain a competitive advantage, it’s essential that a business continues to evolve along with technology. Your company has to be capable of adapting to innovative technologies that will fundamentally change how you interact with your customers and what they expect from you. It’s good to find a tool that is already on its way to cultivating customer experiences that mirror real, human interactions, and detract from the depersonalization often associated with telephones.

It’s time to take advantage of new technologies that are going to benefit the customer as well as your business.

To fully understand the experience your particular segment of customers desire, there’s a lot of work involved. Extracting insight about every customer, harnessing overwhelming amounts of customer data, and extracting valuable insight from that data with speed and precision is no easy feat. You need the right service and tools to ensure that this process becomes as simple as straightforward as possible. For help with taking this next step to improving your customers experience with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss employing a Cloud Contact Centre.