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Contact Centers


How to Enhance your existing on-premise Phone System

Natterbox Team

Improve your CRM with Natterbox

If you’re reading this, I can assume you’re a Salesforce user and you have an on-premise phone system.  So the idea of enhancing your current CRM and Phone system must be intriguing.

As a Salesforce CRM user, you’re already benefitting from a technology solution that is affordable, boosts productivity, and helps you to keep up with your customers.  A CRM solution can help every customer communication feel personal, no matter how big or busy your business gets.

But a phone makes everything personal and personalised service should be at the heart of every business interaction. When it comes to trust, relationship building and delivering a high quality communication experience, many organisations still need to talk.

In fact 92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone.

Deals go much faster when your employees can get instant information on potential sales deals, marketing campaigns, and account updates.

The issues that most organisations face when contemplating global expansion is that telecoms provide regional services limited by borders, regulation and technology.

However, the challenges to consider in providing outstanding customer service are multifaceted, particularly for organisations seeking to expand globally.  Historically a barrier to market entry for a small business was the ability to acquire and service customers in international markets.  Technology is helping remove this barrier.  The issues that most organisations face when contemplating global expansion is that telecoms provide regional services limited by borders, regulation and technology.  Coordinating telecoms across different geographies is a challenging task on its own, integrating them with your contact centre CRM system elevates the complexity to another level.

Technology is the key enabler for some, the channel through which their service is delivered to customers, therefore the dependence is literally business critical.

Customer Experience (CX) is increasingly becoming the key competitive differentiator nowadays.  The web has made it so easy for us to switch suppliers if we’re unhappy and let’s face it we’re also pretty quick to tell everyone about it via social in the process.

So, you have Salesforce and you have your existing on-premise phone system, and you know you need technology and exceptional customer experience in order to build relationships and nurture loyal customers.

Enter Natterbox your CRM telephony solution, 100% embedded and managed entirely within Salesforce.  A solution that enables you to create and manage your contact centre anywhere in the world and is compatible with any existing on-premise phone PBX.

Natterbox CRM telephony can enhance your existing Salesforce and Phone solution, helping your customer service operation scale, while maintaining personalisation and speed of engagement. Dynamic call queues and intelligent call distribution routes your customers to the most relevant resources as quickly as possible.

Harness the power of your CRM data to increase service agent productivity and customer loyalty through excellent customer service via personalisation of the customer journey and speed of engagement.  Prioritise your most important customers, reduce ticket handling times, increase customer satisfaction and your net promoter score.  Natterbox contact centre integration with Service Cloud for example, ensures CRM data quality and gains business intelligence by automatically capturing all call data into Service Cloud to produce detailed activity reports and dashboards all from within Service Cloud.

It’s actually really simple to do, within a couple of days Natterbox moves your call queues and IVR into the cloud. This allows us to determine where the call should go in the cloud according to your business policies ahead of call distribution.

Each contact centre user is provided with a new DID number. The new DID’s are applied to the contact centre call policies (Cloud Call Queues). Inbound calls to the Cloud Call Queue are distributed to the agents over the PSTN according to the policies set in Natterbox Contact Centre.

Each user is provided with Natterbox single sign-on CTI client for Salesforce.com and Service Cloud providing advanced Contact Centre agent controls.

Natterbox makes designing and running your global contact centre operation a reality with our global network of data centre infrastructure providing quality of service, reliability, reduced complexity, low latency and at great value.

When we say it’s this easy, we mean it. Why don’t you just click here to try it?