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Call recording legislation in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States

Natterbox Team


This blog post will tell you what you need to know about call recording laws in the US, the UK and Australia.

All call recording, whether mobile call recording or landline, are subject to some controversy. However, recording a call might also be mutually beneficial in case of a dispute. In the UK, for example, companies in the Financial Services are required by call recording legislation to record calls.

We believe call recording will become the norm in the near future as technologies evolve. As an example, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go back and show your overcharging plummer that he actually said he would do the whole job for £2500?

Call recording regulations vary from country to country. Below we have given a brief overview of the legal situation in the three countries. Feel free to download our more detailed reports.

So, can you lawfully record conversations with private persons or customers? Certain requirements apply, it depends on the country.

What are the Call Recording Laws in the United States?

A total of 38 states and the D.C permit you to record telephone conversations where you yourself participate without informing the other party/parties that you are doing so. In essence, as long as at least one party on the call, including yourself, consents, you may record the call. The rest of the states require two party notification. Our report gives you the details about which states has which call recording legislation.

Call recording laws in the United States

What are the Call Recording Laws in the United Kingdom?

The UK legislation on telephone recording is a bit of a quilt of different laws, all of which must be complied with. Individuals can record their own communications as long as it’s for their own use. However, if a third party is to get access to the recording, recording is prohibited without consent.
Businesses do not have to tell if they are going to record or monitor phone calls, as long as the recording or monitoring is done for a specific reason, for example quality monitoring or evidence of a business transaction. Our report gives you more details about other circumstances where you may or may not record phone calls according to UK call recording legislation.

Call recording laws in the United Kingdom

What are the Call Recording Laws in Australia?

Like the US, Australia is a Federation of States, and telephone recording laws involves complying with both Commonwealth and various State laws. In Australia, the courts have generally made a distinction between listening or recording using equipment which is part of the telecommunications system and equipment is is external to the telecommunications system. This basically decides which law(s) applies. As a result of this, the definition of interception of communication is a bit complicated, but we have broken Australian call recording legislation down for you in our report so you.

Call recording laws in Australia

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