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Global Contact Centre in Salesforce

Natterbox Team

Global Contact Centre with Natterbox

No New Business is worth starting in these times, unless it can go Global

Sir Richard Branson

Small businesses relying solely on the domestic economy are not setting themselves up for success.  Historically a barrier to market entry for a small business was the ability to acquire and service customers in international markets.  Technology is helping remove this barrier.

You no longer need to scale in order to go global and without an immediate requirement for a physical presence in each new country or territory you move into, why aren’t more companies aware of how simple it could be to take your business across borders. Technology driven infrastructure and communications deliver global reach capabilities that were not available to even the largest organisations only a couple of decades ago, for example a global contact centre.

The micro-multinational is becoming a significant factor in the shape of international business

Most organisations are starting to see the benefits of a global contact centre having benefitted from international conditions, to expand their operations across favourable territories. With successful global expansion comes worldwide customers, who demand support anytime, anywhere, who will use all channels including social, telephone and email, in order to reach your business.

However, when it comes down to it, old fashioned telephony is still considered vital (over social media) because of the personal experience it delivers.  When it comes to trust, relationship building and delivering a high quality communications experience, many organisations still need to talk.

92% of all customer interactions still happen over the phone, and it’s not going to feel local to call a UK number from Singapore to reach customer service, no matter if the actual contact centre agent is in the UK.

Unless your support system is integrated and supports multiple geographies, your operation will become fragmented, not only because different customers are in different countries, but also because a lot of systems aren’t configured to handle all communication within one clear view. If this is the case, it will affect customer experience which in turn is a key driver of customer retention and thus growth. This very cycle has been a rude awakening for multiple businesses over the last couple of years, as technology has driven customer expectations to sky rocket.

58% of consumers agree that technology has significantly changed their expectations how a company should interact with them.

Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the leading customer service CRM systems today, and they have captured this trend through something called Omnichannel. In situations that complement other communication channels, the omnichannel allows you to capture all communication (including voice) within one channel. Natterbox has developed a global telephony network that seamlessly integrates into Omnichannel allowing a global contact centre to be operated 100% inside one Salesforce property accessible to teams around the world.

“The telephone is what our sales team use as their primary tool, and we now get a lot of benefits from the integration to our Salesforce CRM system”

Engage Partners

By integrating telephony within your CRM system, you can add more points of customer information and drive effective adoption. Enhancing call routing, call efficiency and effectiveness.

The age of globalisation came to be associated with the rise of mega-corporations.  We are now entering a new era, with those same global markets serviced by a rapidly expanding sector comprised of smaller, more agile companies. You might also want to learn more about the follow the sun support model.

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