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Contact Centers


Improve Your Voice, Improve Your Customer Service

Natterbox Team


How essential is your business’ telephone?

Despite an increase in the adoption of digital communications, the telephone is still the prevalent choice when it comes to reaching out. Whether it’s support line, or for your sales or service team, it is important that your voice is connected to your customers.

Nothing beats human interaction when it comes to customer experience. Allowing people to feel empathy and connection is something that can not easily be replicated by technology or using social media which is why we all still pick up the phone.

With most businesses using some sort of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, being able to track and store data accurately has become increasingly challenging and time-consuming. After each call, the agent will update the relevant customer record with any notes and any follow-up reminders necessary. However this process has become more complex over time with new platforms emerging, and has created a bigger challenge for CRMs that look to capture it all.

Until recently, little has been done with telephone and CRM integration. There are some systems that can track how many minutes have been sent on the phone, but may not be able to make call recordings, or store the relevant information against the correct customer record. Usually the emphasis is still on agents manually updating records – an arduous and time-consuming task.

Natterbox to the rescue

Natterbox are helping businesses maintain a high-quality service through the integration of voice within Salesforce, an industry leading Customer Relation Management system.

By managing voice calls through Natterbox, over 500 organisations across a variety of industries (including Legal & General, Virgin Wines and many others), are improving their product efficiency, employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

All calls are made, captured and tracked through Natterbox, which is fully integrated within our customer’s CRM system, and we only work alongside this one provider, allowing customer’s to make sure we are only one click away.

Natterbox is a cloud phone system and unlike others we own our own cloud telephony technology. This means on the occasional instance where problems arise, our customers do not have to liaise with a third party to help sort problems, they come straight to us.

Being able to make calls straight away and allowing them to be connected straight away, gives your customers confidence in their provider and with how quick and easy it is, frees up their agents time.

If you want to find out more about Natterbox and what we do, then check out www.natterbox.com, and request a demo to see how we can meet your needs. Alternatively, read more https://www.salesforceben.com/better-voice-happier-customers-natterbox-and-salesforce/.