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James Radford explains our revolutionary Advanced Voice Services

Natterbox Team

James Radford explains our revolutionary Advanced Voice Services

Natterbox went to CeBIT Hannover last week, and we managed to steal Natterbox Product Manager James Radford away from his busy demos for a couple of minutes. Hear him explain why your business will benefit from Natterbox Advanced Voice Services.


Pal: So, James, we are here at CeBIT in Hannover and this the, well, world premiere if you will of Advanced Voice Services.

James: Yes

Pal: What’s so unique about that?

James: We certainly think we have done something pretty unique here today. So we have taken ALL aspects of the entire telephony platform and embedded that directly inside Salesforce. So not only are you just getting apps for Salesforce, like you might have an app for your contact centre in Salesforce, you might have an app for your telesales team in Salesforce.

With Natterbox Advanced Voice Services you actually get the entire platform, so Salesforce not only becomes your telephony lead gen system, it becomes your telephony contact centre system. It also becomes your telephone as well! So basically I’m logged into Salesforce, and I’m making my phone calls from Salesforce…globally!

Pal: So, you mean I have to install some sort of software or hardware and then Salesforce is my telephone?

James: No, not at all. You literally just download the AVS, Advanced Voice Services, app and the next time the user logs into Salesforce they get a little telephone that pops up in the corner of their Salesforce screen. It works in lightning as well. That is then their telephone! They have a dialpad, they click on the dialpad and make phonecalls, that’s it.

Pal: And this comes with screen pop, voice recording, wrap-up codes, everything?

James: Exactly, the whole shebang. So you’re going to be getting screen pop and all of your reports, over 120 detailed reports. And actually Pal, a really important thing about the reports; they’re fantastic because not only are you getting telephone reports, for example Pal made this many calls today, but this is now blended with all of your accounts, your opportunities, your contact information.

So you don’t just get reports about how many people are making calls how many times each day, you are actually getting full business intelligence in Salesforce. This is not just for the team leaders, the administrators and the users as well.

Pal: So this truly is a revolution?

James: It’s something new, and I haven’t seen anybody else who’s done it. If you need it, you need to come to Natterbox.