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Masterclass: Frictionless Customer Experience using Service Cloud Voice

Natterbox Team


We believe that things work better when they are well matched. Whether it’s pairing food and wine, coffee and cake or better still Natterbox and Service Cloud Voice. We live and breathe Salesforce, focusing exclusively on the platform to deliver the best integrated telephony experience for our customers. No one does it better than us.

Natterbox’s partnership with Service Cloud Voice is one of the industry’s great pairings, and we’re confident that together we can deliver a better customer experience, delivering value, promoting loyalty and enhanced visibility, driven by AI insights natively inside the Salesforce platform. 

Our Masterclass webinar on 14th March 2023 aims to highlight the benefits of integrating your telephony system into Service Cloud Voice. We’ll be outlining the options available to you, regardless of your current telephony infrastructure and experience of integrated telephony. Additionally, we’ll provide a live demo of 3 tactics you can leverage to deliver a seamless customer experience.

So why not join us and find out why 2023 is the year to go native, not just integrated.