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Natterbox Review: Q&A with Building Materials

We interviewed Sam Matharu from Building Materials at our Natterbox Exchange customer event to discover how they use Natterbox and what impact connecting their Salesforce CRM with their telephony system has had to their working lives.

From easy call-reporting to improved customer service, Sam gives us an insight into how Building Materials are utilising our technology.

Q: What made you look at Natterbox?

I came into the business with the sole purpose of improving the outbound side of the company. The systems that were in place at the time were a key focus for me to see how we could become more efficient, contact more customers and have better conversations. I previously worked for a telephony company so that was one of the areas that I had wanted to look at.

“We can now focus on productivity and the quality of what we’re doing”

Q: What problems did the Natterbox solution solve?

Natterbox has definitely helped solve the data side of things for us. We are able to see, with much better clarity, how many and what types of calls people have answered. The wrap up codes after a call enables us to analyse what types of calls they were. It prompted staff to leave better notes, which helps other people pick it up. It helped us to see things like average talk times. It also helped us see what our top performers do well, and helped us spread that best practice moving forward.

Q: When did you first engage with Natterbox?

Natterbox was referred to us by our Salesforce account manager. They came down to the office, they spent time on site to help them get to grips with what our company is really about and types of things we wanted to do, and that really set them apart from other telephony providers in the market.

Q: What made you choose Natterbox?

They were intent on coming to our office to understand our environment, understand the types of calls we deal with, the volume, the general atmosphere so that they can see if 1. we could be a good fit, and 2. how they can apply the technology with Natterbox to our specific environment. After spending time with us they could say ‘right, we might have 30 features available to you, but these 2 or 3 are what’s going to enable you to add the most value right at the start’. So that is what sold it to us over anything else.

“There’s always growth, there’s always new features, there’s always new innovation.”

Q: How easy was it to implement?

In terms of the implementation process, things worked very, very quickly. Our account manager and Ian Moyse would come down on site to come see how things were progressing, the issues we were facing, and how to overcome them. We had people like Lee who helped us, who probably doesn’t get involved in the day to day, who came down on site, and helped us when we got stuck. So everyone was always willing and there wasn’t one person who said ‘No I’m not going to help you with this because the person who looks after you is doing something else’.

Q: What has been the outcome of using Natterbox?

The outcome now is a much bigger focus on productivity, the quality of what we’re doing, the quality of the call recording enables us to listen back to calls again to help us identify what our best performers do. Natterbox has allowed us to become a lot more efficient and focus on improving customer experience, rather than just handling an initial situation.

Q: What is the main reason to switch to Natterbox?

Using Natterbox means that the managing director, whether he is in or out of the office, can log into Salesforce and see exactly how we are performing today, who’s doing what, the types of volumes that we are getting and listen to call recordings. It just means we are able to get a much more comprehensive view of what is actually happening within our business.

Q: What has been the best thing about using Natterbox?

I think the biggest reason why we chose Natterbox and why we continue to work with it, and develop with it, is the flexibility it gives us, and the fact it has enabled us to improve our efficiency no end.

“Natterbox has allowed us to become a lot more efficient and focus on improving customer experience”

Q: What would you say to anyone considering using Natterbox?

I would say it’s worth re-thinking everything you had previously thought about telephony. If you’re using a traditional PBX, and want to think more about how you communicate between yourself and a customer, or from one employee to another, then considering Natterbox will help you build on those relationships, helping you become a lot more efficient from day one.

Q: Why do you love Natterbox?

It feels like a company similar to ours, it feels like it’s constantly growing. All the things we have seen today at the Natterbox Exchange customer event, all the showcases that will be coming next year, shows that their feature development road-map is very aligned to us. It feels as though they are almost on the same journey with us. There’s always growth, there’s always new features, there’s always new innovation. I’ve got to give a shout out to James Reeve in Support, who is our go-to man. He definitely helps us out from day-to-day so he definitely pushes up towards the top of our list.

Discover how using Natterbox to connect your Salesforce CRM with your telephony system can both improve staff productivity in sales or service centres and also improve customer service by booking a demo with us today, or view other Natterbox reviews and case studies on our Customers page.

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