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Natterbox Review: Q&A with Reconomy

We interviewed Graham Stone from Reconomy at our Natterbox Exchange customer event to discover how they use Natterbox and what impact connecting their Salesforce CRM with their telephony system has had to their working lives.

From easy access to call data, top-level analytics and automatic call recordings, Graham gives us an insight into how Reconomy, their staff and customers, are benefiting from using Natterbox as their telephony solution.

Q: What made you look at Natterbox?

Our previous phone system was fairly capable in routing, but we were a bit limited in it’s integration capabilities and what we could get out of it.

Q: What problems did the Natterbox solution solve?

With Natterbox being embedded in Salesforce, it allowed us to access the data easily, use all the data within the live workflows and also start creating data off the back of workflows.

“We like the product. And with what’s coming, we’re really looking forward to the future with Natterbox”

Q: What has been the outcome of using Natterbox?

Extracting data is much easier now that we’re using Natterbox. In terms of easy access to recordings, notes and getting information off the back of a call, it’s a lot better as it is all embedded and accessible within one system.

Q: What are the benefits of Natterbox working within Salesforce?

We’re trying to work towards one system for everything. We’ve still got a long way to go. We have a lot of legacy systems, and implementing Natterbox was one step towards unifying our technology and simplifying our processes.

Q: What would you say to anyone considering Natterbox?

In terms of capability, innovation and what they’re doing with it, it’s really good.

“With Natterbox being embedded in Salesforce, it allows us to access the data easily and use all the data within the live workflows”

Q: How easy was it to implement?

Implementation was solely dealt with by me and involved setting up a complex routing policy. Our routing policy isn’t as simple as ‘this inbound number goes here’, it involved multiple inbound numbers going into one and then they get distributed out to various teams. However it was surprisingly easy to do and it’s easy to maintain with Natterbox.

In terms of rolling it out to the users, you get the licenses provisioned, and there it is on Salesforce. So, one day we told our users to stop using our old systems, and the next day they’re on Natterbox. So, implementation was actually very easy.

Q: What significant changes has Natterbox made to your business?

There are many things that have significantly changed for our business since using Natterbox, including ease of access to the data and call recordings straight from Salesforce, and having the ability to listen to calls whenever we need to. Having access to the volume of calls, types of calls and whether they are inbound or outbound, transferred or internal, has all positively impacted us as well.

Now we can clearly see the availability state of our employees, which shows us how much time they have been available to take a call, or how long they have been in a certain state of availability for. We also have a clear overview of how many calls a specific contact or account has made, which is something we have never really had before. We knew what calls our agents were making, but had less visibility over how many calls a customer or contact was making with us.

“We like the product. And with what’s coming, we’re really looking forward to the future with Natterbox”

Q: Why do you love Natterbox?

We like the product, and with what’s coming, we’re really looking forward to the future. Natterbox listens and they take suggestions on board.

Discover how using Natterbox to connect your Salesforce CRM with your telephony system can both improve staff productivity in sales or service centres and also improve customer service by booking a demo with us today, or view other Natterbox reviews and case studies on our Customers page.

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