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Remote Working


Preparing Your Workforce for a Remote-First World

Natterbox Team


At the beginning of the pandemic, businesses experienced a certain level of ‘customer leniency’ – a higher level of understanding from customers when services didn’t meet pre-pandemic standards. But this is already fading.

To keep up with the current market and changing consumer habits, businesses need to have the right technology, people, and processes in place and ensure they work in tandem. However, the pandemic has exposed that many businesses are still heavily relying on legacy technology. In fact, the UK ranks twelfth on NS Media’s global Tech Preparedness Index.

Despite some significant upfront costs, companies must recognise that technological innovation is a crucial investment. However, technology alone is not enough, so businesses should not undervalue the people that are vital in working alongside it.

Organisations need to be able to demonstrate that they understand the needs and demands of both their customers and employees. They must also recognise that both technology and people are at the core of every modern organisation. But neither is of any use if organisations do not have effective business processes in place to tie the two together.

If an organisation wants to make their transition to a newer, more efficient business strategy where people and technology work in harmony, the change must be joined by a reassessment of its processes too. This will involve increased alignment between the IT team and leadership. The workforce, which will ultimately be most affected by the change, also needs to be brought on board and effectively trained with the new tools that will impact their day-to-day roles.

When the innovation and technology to streamline customer service is available, it’s difficult to understand why businesses choose to ignore it. The agility for improved customer experience, even under high pressure and increased demand, is facilitated by modern technologies being used alongside people.

Businesses must accommodate customers’ long-term needs and take this opportunity to unite their tech, people, and processes and show customers their true value. To succeed, there must be a progression on all fronts.

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