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Why the telephone still rules

Natterbox Team


Over the past few months, we’ve asked the team at business incubation network, Sussex Innovation, to research micro-multinationals; small businesses who start to trade overseas early in their lifecycle. We already feel that we know a lot about what it’s like for these companies – many of them are our customers, after all – but we wanted to know more about how they are managing their growth, why they are looking to international markets, and most importantly, how we at Natterbox can help them on their journey.

One of the clearest trends we saw was the value of technology in helping these businesses to gain a foothold in new territories. Technology is at its most vital when it enables a customer-centric way of working, as well as opening communication channels throughout the business.

That’s why the telephone is still key – the data shows that telephony and CRM play an equally important part in SME internationalisation. The telephone is simply the most personal way of making a connection. It can help remote teams from across continents to feel that they’re all pulling in the same direction, and it’s a great way to establish relationships with your customers that are built on trust, wherever in the world they may be.

We can also see from the research that there is a lack of clarity in businesses’ strategies around telephony. The best advice I can give to small businesses as they head overseas is to understand first what they’re going to need their phone system to do. Get that right, and we can help you to install the right solution.

Read the full research report, UK Micro-Multinationals: Business Beyond Borders

– Neil Hammerton, CEO