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Understanding the Power of Data

Natterbox Team


Companies’ data stores are their very own goldmine. Data is collected in numerous ways, one of the most important being those channels directly linked to the customer. 

But businesses can’t simply collect data and stop there. They need the processes and technology that enable them to analyze data appropriately. 

The benefits of doing this to better understanding data are too good to ignore. The ability to better understand customers; drive better business decisions; and build better relationships which leads to increased ROI – who wouldn’t want that? 

By definition, data represents large sets of information that can be analyzed to reveal patterns, trends and associations, particularly those relating to customer behavior and brand interactions. And taking time to analyze it can help to create a more tailored experience for customers.

But while businesses have begun investing more time and money into analyzing data from online channels, one that has been largely forgotten is voice.

Indeed, analyzing data from voice conversations is a mean feat – but it’s vital that companies do, especially as it’s one of the most popular channels for customers. 

At one point analyzing voice data was certainly an expensive and challenging option, with even the simplest of systems requiring a dedicated IT team to function. But the pandemic has taught us just how important data and customer loyalty truly is. As a result, there are now analysis tools on the market, like Natterbox Insight, that not only act as long-term solutions but can also offer quick wins for businesses. 

Although it may seem ironic, the sophistication of Insight is itself lowering the technical barrier to entry. Businesses can adopt the solution and be up and running quickly, leveraging their customer data in ways they have never imagined. 

It’s vital that companies make use of the tools available now so they don’t risk falling behind. The data is out there and the time to analyze, understand it and take action is now.

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