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[VIDEO BLOG] Where To Focus On Improving Customer Experience

In this video blog, Ian Moyse discusses where to focus efforts to improve Customer Experience

Customer Experience is critical in today’s world of buyers who have more choice than ever at their fingertips.

Simply being there is no longer enough, quality of service and personalisation are the mantras by which you are compared.

‘67% of customers state their standard for good experiences are higher than ever’
(Source : Salesforce State of the Connected Customer)

Unless you have a totally unique product offering, then price and feature will have comparable market offerings, the chosen provider is often selected on a marginal difference and this is inevitably how the buyer feel you have and will service them as a customer.

Here in a short Video Blog, Ian Moyse, Natterbox Sales Director and Sales Director of the year winner (Institute of Sales Management)  addresses ways to improve customer experience.



What does a personalised caller journey look like?
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