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Natterbox’s Salesforce Voice Integration: Are you capturing voice communication into your CRM?

Natterbox Team


(updated January 2018)

The pace of technological innovation is accelerating. Businesses need to exploit developments to ensure they have a competitive cutting edge. Many companies already use Salesforce as their CRM and Natterbox is offering its Advanced Voice Services Salesforce voice integration to ensure that your sales team has the tools they need to be sales superstars – simply through adding telephony into your CRM.

Natterbox has devised a revolutionary idea to increase revenue and improve employee productivity. Not only can you record mobile phone calls and landline calls into Salesforce but data points from call activity are populated into your CRM for reporting and analysis, turning it into the perfect sales communication CRM. This gives you total reporting visibility across all aspects of your business phone usage.

With Salesforce Voice Integration into your CRM you can see:

  • Outbound and inbound customer call history
  • Sales team total calls
  • Average length of the call
  • Call waiting time

There is also a listen live functionality. All this can be viewed inside Salesforce Sales Cloud interface and the Natterbox Wallboards.

Companies which use Salesforce.com’s CRM system, and for whom calls are an important part of their sales process, can maximise investment in their CRM and potentially grow revenues without any extra effort.

With Natterbox, sales managers can get a 3600 view of their business by integrating call activity and voice recordings into their CRM. No information is lost and calls can be listened to again to retrieve important facts. Call recordings can also be used for monitoring and training purposes, to make sure employees are on-point and up-to-date, and to improve their productivity. All this is stored in the cloud, and the phone system itself is embedded inside Salesforce, meaning you can make global calls from your laptop with just a headset.

CRM interaction time can be significantly reduced with features such as click-to-dial and customisable wrap up notes to progress the sales cycle, all from within Salesforce. Sales teams can therefore spend less time on admin and more time selling.

Natterbox can transform a company’s business efficiency by providing their employees with the solutions they need to maximise sales effectiveness. The service is cloud-based so it is ready out of the box.

Salesforce voice integration makes perfect sense because it moves businesses one step closer to full integration and logging all of its communication, including voice communication, which is a logical step to adapt to the data-driven digital culture and to really take the step into the era of Data Driven Sales Management.