British Safety Council

Replaced three separate phone systems to enable employees to work anywhere in the world

The scenario

Excellent Health and Safety standards are now a legal requirement in every aspect of British life. British Safety Council have worked tirelessly to make the British workplace safer and have been a trusted guide to excellent health, safety and environmental management. The organisation helps professionals achieve high standards, to protect both their staff and the future of their business.

Business Requirements

British Safety Council required a solution that would improve business efficiency by integrating call activity into Salesforce. Users were not sufficiently updating Salesforce when making outbound calls and call logs were often missing from the CRM. Any system also needed to boost employee productivity by reducing Salesforce interaction time. The solution needed to cover all of their Disaster Recovery requirements. Overall the technology deployed needed to monitor productivity, ensure accuracy of data in Salesforce and provide call activity reports for analysis at management level. The solution had to be flexible, scalable and help monitor performance at various levels, organisational, team and individual.

Why Natterbox?

British Safety Council implemented Natterbox’s Voice Intelligence solution. All calls are now automatically captured in Salesforce. Employees can speed up calls with click-to-dial in Salesforce, and they have the ability to write live call notes and customisable call wrap up notes. Calls are logged against the correct contact, opportunity or account in Salesforce. Capturing business intelligence from voice communications has led to improved reporting and analytics in Salesforce. Telesales and customer service departments are much more efficient as they can update action points while on a call reducing admin and maximising call time. The Natterbox solution allowed British Safety Council to replace three separate phone systems.

Key Benefits

  • British Safety Council automatically integrate all mobile and landline call activity into Salesforce. Employees have the ability to work from home or anywhere in the world and calls are automatically captured in Salesforce.
  • Increased visibility of call activity and business intelligence allows management to monitor employee productivity. British Safety Council can monitor how many calls are made and total talk time which has led to an increase in employee productivity.
  • Natterbox allows management to drill down on reports at site, department or individual level. There are over 100 reports to choose from giving an easy, accurate insight into sales call activity. Increased accuracy of reporting in Salesforce helps the organisation assess its business requirements and make the best strategic decisions in terms of resource and training.

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British Safety Council vital statistics

  • Since 2004 British Safety Council have been a government-regulated awarding organisation providing a full suite of health and safety qualifications in the national framework.
  • They were granted the official status of Supplier of health and safety training and consultancy services (ODA) to the London 2012 Olympic Games.
  • Founder James Tye helped implement the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act and the introduction of car seat belts.

Key challenges

  • Implement a solution that could integrate call activity into Salesforce for reporting and analysis at management level.
  • Setup the system within a short timeframe with zero downtime.
  • Integrate all voice communications and have control of voice within Salesforce.
  • Implement a flexible service that would be scalable as the business continued to grow.

Key success factors

  • Natterbox replaced three separate phone systems.
  • Zero downtime was incurred when implementing the Natterbox solution, users could make calls straight away.
  • The system reduced CRM interaction time when dialling and logging calls.
  • Natterbox covered all of British Safety Council’s requirements for Disaster Recovery.
  • The service provides business intelligence from voice call activity which is reported in a standardised way within the Salesforce environment and integrated into British Safety Council’s business reporting.

“With Natterbox’s technology we can focus on what we do best. They make calling easy with automatic capture of call information and improved reporting in Salesforce”
Ian Harris, IT Systems Administrator