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Engage Partners is an award-winning recruitment organisation with a global reputation for delivering innovative solutions and great service to their customers. Launched in 2008 Engage Partners rapidly expanded and now has over 140 staff in 7 offices across offices in the UK, Ireland, North America and Australia. Their growth is reflected in their appearance in the Sunday Times Fast track 100 companies for the past 2 years. Specialising in education and the construction industry their creative approach to delivering customer solutions includes innovations such as ‘iday’ where educational establishments can interview multiple candidates internationally in one day.

Business Requirements

Recruitment is a sales-driven business about people and success depends on excellence in the creation and management of relationships, both with recruiting organisations and candidates. Over 90% of Engage Partners client contact is on the phone so a high quality, reliable phone system that drives staff productivity is vital. In addition tracking client and candidate details and communications, including calls, in a comprehensive database is key. David Sinclair, Head of IT and Infrastructure, Engage Partners; “Every day, each of our quota-carrying consultants spends around 4 high-intensity hours calling schools and candidates to win recruitment business. The phone system has to be crystal clear and tightly integrated with our CRM to deliver the productivity and customer experience that the business demands.”

Prior to Natterbox Engage Partners had multiple telephony solutions. Although they were robust they did not offer the next generation of functionality
and business support that was needed to further enhance the customer experience. Sinclair; “Our telephony is a key business tool and we needed more sophisticated call management, call reporting and integration with our CRM to ensure that staff were productive and that we could deliver the best possible customer experience.”

Engage Partners had two major requirements from a new solution. First; a new telephony system that provided exemplary call quality, high availability, call recording and comprehensive management across multiple locations. Second; tight integration with their Salesforce-based Talent Rover CRM system including intelligent call routing and capture, CTI productivity tools and access to call recordings.

Why Natterbox

The business criticality of the systems ensured that Engage Partners had a comprehensive selection process. Initially they trialled solutions from 2 large suppliers in the telephony and Salesforce integration market but a poor experience led to a second round of evaluations that shortlisted Natterbox and some of the largest global telephony providers.

“It became clear early on that Natterbox had both the solutions and the customer -centric organisation that delivered what we needed. With Talent Rover our Salesforce implementation is non-standard and only Natterbox could integrate out-of-the-box. They have the most advanced Cloud PBX and Salesforce integration covering call management, CTI, reporting and call recording.”

For telephony, managing call policies and users across multiple offices is done in real time from Natterbox’s intuitive portal. All staff now have a DDI and seamless integration of any phone, including mobiles, which enables consultants to make, receive and transfer calls from any device. Even the health of the handsets is monitored for optimal call quality and call costs are predictable with fixed cost call plans.

Inbound calls are routed to the correct consultant based on information in Salesforce and the client record is automatically opened. Call data is captured and calls are automatically recorded and added to Salesforce contacts for commercial record and training. At the end of the call customised wrap-codes reduce administration time and increase call reporting accuracy. For outbound sales calls local numbers are presented by the CLI to increase response rates.


The telephony and Salesforce integration across 5 offices took just 6 weeks from contract signing to go-live. Sinclair; “The implementation went very smoothly through all phases.” He added; ”You always hope the vendor organisation matches the product and in that respect Natterbox also exceeded our expectations with the quality and honesty of their project management, support and being open to discuss future developments. This was a stark contrast with the other suppliers we tried and reflects the great recommendations we received from other Natterbox customers.”

Business Benefits

The positive impact that Natterbox has made on Engage Partners business was immediate and significant. Sinclair; “The consultants are our revenue- creating engine and Natterbox has made them significantly more productive and able to deliver a high quality customer experience.”

The streamlined CTI, call management and data capture processes are driving measurable results. Sinclair; “Natterbox has delivered at least an hour a day in productivity gains for each user. This equates to an estimated £4000 savings per user and a £200,000 annual saving across the business. All this for a solution that cost no more than our previous telephony system which delivered a fraction of the benefits.”

Telephony and CRM activity and statistics information is key to effective management. Sinclair; “The comprehensive and customisable reporting delivers business insights and helps identify best practices. Natterbox ensures that everyone is accountable and everything is visible. Having the reporting engine integrated to the Salesforce platform and not through an external platform is a major advantage.” This insight is being used to implement best practice, for example if a consultant is not completing calls properly with wrap up codes they can be blocked from being able to place further calls.

The Future

Engage Partners is planning to rollout Natterbox to additional international offices and extending call recording to include mobile phones.

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Key challenges

  • Unreliable telephony service
  • No Salesforce integration
  • No call recording

“Being able to quickly access a call recording from within Salesforce ensures we understand customer needs with great accuracy and has eliminated an area for potentially costly mistakes.”

Key features

  • Highly available cloud telephony service
  • Intelligent inbound call routing based on Salesforce data
  • All call details captured into Salesforce
  • Salesforce CTI for outbound call optimisation
  • Calls recorded and accessible within Salesforce

“The Natterbox system also has full support from our consultants. They see every day how it is making them more effective which means they sell more, earn more and therefore positively impacts staff satisfaction and retention.”

Key business benefits

  • Over 25% increase in sales call productivity
  • £200k in annual productivity savings
  • Significantly improved telephone customer experience
  • Call data capture
  • Comprehensive reporting for business insight

”You always hope the vendor organisation matches the product and in that respect Natterbox also exceeded our expectations.”

Products Used

  • AVS Cloud PBX
  • Voice Record