Global market leader in online travel

Salesforce voice integration drives sales effectiveness and lower costs

Business Overview

A global market leader in online travel, their strategy is for aggressive growth and to take share from their competitors through technology and product innovation, global expansion, and new channel penetration.

Business Requirements

Vital to their growth strategy is to sign up thousands of new hotel and tourist attractions partners to their online platform. Their project leader in Europe stated; “Our team of agents have to contact and sign up a huge number of businesses. Talking to these customers is critical and having an effective CRM system that is fully integrated with voice is essential to our success.” For this project we have standardised on Salesforce for CRM so a voice solution had to work seamlessly with that platform. The team has a number of performance metrics of which call volume and converted customers are the most critical.

Why they needed a new solution

The organisation had an existing voice solution but they needed better Salesforce integration for their agent’s workflow processes and improved management reporting. In addition they needed a more reliable call connection as they were experiencing a high call drop rate. All of
this impacted productivity and the team’s ability to achieve key performance metrics.

The Natterbox deployment

Adopted Natterbox’s Cloud PBX and Voice Intelligence solutions to deliver the agent productivity, call quality and management they needed.

Calls are accurately captured in salesforce to the correct account and contact and agents use click to dial, live note taking and wrap-up codes to maximise workflow efficiency.

To support an international team they have also implemented a Natterbox call plan with fixed international call charges, the ability to display local CLI numbers for international calls, country-specific mailboxes and customised local language menus for their agents.

Business Benefits

  • Rapid implementation The trial setup took three days, and was tested with selected agents for a week. After fantastic user feedback the installation was completed in another two days. “The ease of implementation surpassed our expectations.” The project leader commented, “it took only half a day to train the agents due to the intuitiveness of the system”
  • Improved call quality They now experience a dropped call rate of only 0.2%, a 99% reduction from previously. “Using VOIP for international calls is difficult to get right when you consider the number of hops a call has to pass through. Natterbox has clearly engineered their network extremely well and it makes a huge difference.”
  • Increased agent productivity and higher sales The critical KPIs for the team are call volume and customer sign ups. Since the Natterbox deployment 9% more solid calls are completed and 11% more customer sign ups have been achieved which they attribute to the system. “Natterbox has demonstrated perfect integration with Salesforce. They delivered the agent workflows with the minimum number of clicks that we needed to drive agent productivity. Also the ability to have the Natterbox Salesforce menus in the agent’s native language makes the system more intuitive and speeds things up. The productivity and ease of use improvements have increased the agents’ motivation as well.” The internationalisation elements have driven further productivity improvements. The ability to make international calls look local to customers makes them answer the phone and be more willing to have a conversation.
  • Reduced call costs They have adopted Natterbox’s international call plan. The all-inclusive flat rate for international calls has saved 19% in call costs and made it easy to budget.
  • Enhanced Reporting The Natterbox reporting tools generate key management information through dashboards that give a comprehensive view of the operation. “The reporting is fantastic, the way it is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce is a huge improvement over what we had before where reporting was split between Salesforce and a second proprietary reporting platform.”

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“Natterbox has demonstrated perfect integration with Salesforce.”

Key challenges

  • Poor call quality with high dropout rates.
  • Poor Salesforce integration.
  • Complex agent workflows that reduced productivity.
  • Needed good international call and feature support.
  • Complex reporting.

“Integrating voice with Salesforce with Natterbox has transformed the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales team”

Key Features

  • All voice call details captured into Salesforce.
  • Customised agent Salesforce workflows with language support.
  • Comprehensive management reporting.
  • Fixed rate international call plan.

“The ease of implementation surpassed our expectations.”

Key Business Benefits

  • Higher sales and increased agent productivity.
  • 99% reduction in dropped calls.
  • Significantly reduced international call charges.
  • Enhanced reporting providing detailed management information.
  • Rapid deployment – 5 days.

“Any customer-centric business must integrate voice into their CRM. Without it you cannot have a single view of the customer or have effective customer engagement”