Smarter Business

Pioneering Salesforce Company Slashes Contract Generation Time

The scenario

Smarter Business formerly British Advisory Service (BAS) is one of the UK’s leading independent energy brokers and utility consultants. They specialise in energy negotiating and contracting in the National Electricity and Natural Gas Markets.

Business requirements

Smarter Business had moved their telesales operations from their UK headquarters to South Africa with new staff and at the same time implemented Salesforce. They were looking to improve their sales process by integrating all calls into Salesforce. To sell their products, Smarter Business require a verbal contract from the customer detailing prices and quotes which are then forwarded to the energy supplier to formulate a contract. They needed a solution to link recordings of these calls directly to objects in Salesforce. The system also had to intelligently route inbound calls to the correct contact without going through a switchboard.

Why Natterbox?

Smarter Business now have a single set of call data that is logged in real time into Salesforce. They utilise Natterbox’s click to dial in Salesforce improving employee productivity and allowing users to be more efficient. The company has stopped allowing any of their telesales agents to make a phone call unless the number they are calling is in Salesforce, significantly improving their overall data integrity. Natterbox’s call recording service has revolutionised the way Smarter Business can create contracts with customers by logging recordings of verbal agreements against the correct contact in Salesforce.

Key benefits

  • Every call made is logged against the correct contact in Salesforce, along with the recording needed to create the contract.
  • Salesforce call data is standardised across the company. The telesales agents can make as many calls as possible with the reassurance of having accurate call data reported in Salesforce.
  • With improved data integrity in Salesforce call quality and call duration reports can be accurately monitored and assessed at management level, to provide significant business intelligence.
  • Managers can listen to call recordings within minutes of the recording being made to monitor productivity, help with coaching and mentoring and maximise effectiveness.

“With a reliable system, focus can shift from infrastructure and on to the customers – who are most important. Natterbox has improved data integrity and reporting in Salesforce. Calls are automatically logged against the correct contact, opportunity or account, and call data can be easily analysed in detailed reports in Salesforce.”
Julia Coetzee, Systems Manager Smarter Business

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Smarter Business vital statistics

  • Setup in 2006, Smarter Business has become a recognised, leading energy broker that manages an energy portfolio worth over £600 million.1
  • They help customers find a reliable energy supplier with competitive energy price, potentially saving up to 70% on energy spend.1
  • In 2011 Smarter Business became a subsidiary of the Quindell Portfolio Group who have over 1000 customers.2

Key challenges

  • The previous onsite call recording system made it extremely difficult to find a specific recording relating to a contract and forward it onto the energy supplier. This was resulting in the company losing a huge amount of time and business.
  • Data integrity within Salesforce was quite poor with customer details often missing. Contacts were not linked to accounts resulting in an inefficient telesales operation.
  • The information entered into Salesforce was in different formats. Without accurate information in Salesforce, they were not able to efficiently process purchase orders.

Key success factors

  • With instant easy access to call recordings, Smarter Business can generate contracts more efficiently slashing contract generation time.
  • Key performance indicators can be tracked due to the ease of call integration into Salesforce.
  • Quality Assurance can listen to a call and link a call grading, allowing the Business to track the quality of calls being made to improve customer service.


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