Sum Up

Increased agent’s productivity by 33%


They were looking to rapidly expand from two countries to multiple countries within six months

They were unable to log calls in their CRM or keep track of their vital business statistics.

With global sites where their employees spoke different languages, they needed to monitor overall customer support.

Benefits of using Natterbox

The simple wrap up codes and notes for the inbound customer service line has given them the ability to track key customer problems.

By utilising Relationship Based Routing they can prioritise incoming calls; so VIPs are never left waiting in a queue.

The call recording provides not only a useful training tool for new staff but it also allows supervisors to monitor their team’s progress so they can give better guidance.

The business now easily generate reports which allow them to compare productivity across teams and the company

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Nordic +46 8 4030 9112
APAC +61 2 8244 3000
USA +1 646 762 2111

Company Profile

  • SumUp is the leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe.
  • With SumUp, merchants can accept credit and debit cards, using their smartphones or tablets, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way.
  • Launched in August 2012, SumUp has expanded into 14 countries, including the UK, Germany, Russia and Brazil.
  • The company has offices in London, Berlin, Sofia, Moscow and São Paulo

Why Natterbox?

  • Initially SumUp were referred to Natterbox by another business in Berlin.
  • Natterbox were competitively priced and SumUp felt there was a mutual understanding of their business needs.
  • As SumUp already used Salesforce they were impressed with the simplicity and multiple business benefits Natterbox Voice Intelligence would offer.
  • Natterbox also offered a free trial, allowing them to try specific features relevant to their business operations.
  • Natterbox implemented the solution across all offices in a matter of days and have provided reliable support throughout the whole process.