Salesforce PBX

The world’s first true-cloud business phone system that’s embedded and managed 100% directly in Salesforce®. Expand globally and deploy a phone system in a matter of days.

No Hardware. No Software. 100% Cloud.

Key benefits for your customers

Connect your customer to the right person using the only phone system that is 100% embedded and managed directly in Salesforce®.

Always reach an agent with the ability to route calls to multiple devices and automatically send calls to the best device, customers can always reach the right person from one number.

Local presence with our global cloud telephony platform, so you can provide local numbers to your customers around the world, to create a truly global brand within one platform.

Key benefits for you

Empower your Salesforce admins with the tools they need to successfully deploy and manage your business phone system, globally.

Salesforce PBX enables you to:

Increase productivity and self-sufficiency by giving your Salesforce admins control of provisioning business phone Numbers, extensions, policies and call routing with an intuitive drag and drop policy builder.

Reduce IT infrastructure and costs with our unique Web Phone, which can be accessed from anywhere – just login to Salesforce and start making and receiving calls.

Take complete control of setting up and managing your phone system, directly through Salesforce.

Enable a remote and virtual workforce with VoIP, everywhere, at any time, on any device you want.

Access your call logs, voicemails and recordings when you need them, anytime, anyplace, when you log in to Salesforce.

Write a customised screening service when a user answers a call, or implement a customised IVR system.

Service your customers globally with 99.999% availability. Our platform is serviced by 8 global data centres, providing quality of service for calls, reliability and reduced complexity.

Call quality assurance by listening live and recording calls, ensuring every communication is to the highest standard.

Expand globally with a multi-tenant architecture that is scalable and easy to update, with no need for multiple PBXs or network professionals.

Key Features & Benefits

Global Telephone System

Natterbox is available worldwide serviced by our global network of data centres providing quality calls, reliability and reduced complexity.

Works with Non-Salesforce Users

Set up IP phones, softphones and mobiles for both Salesforce and non-Salesforce phone users from inside Salesforce.

Email, SMS & Chatter Alerts

Acknowledge customer calls with an email or SMS. Let field sales and service personnel know when a VIP customer calls or if someone has called their customer.


Natterbox voicemail enables users to hear messages directly within Salesforce or have them emailed out as soon as the voicemail is left.

Scripting Engine

High flexibility in planning your call flow based on custom behaviour. For example, write a customised screening service when a user answers a call, or implement a customised IVR system.

WebRTC Phone

Browser based phone. Keep the browser open in a tab and you can also take incoming calls, without a desk phone.

Drag & Drop Policy Builder in Salesforce

Salesforce admins can setup and manage the phone system through the Salesforce interface, including numbers, extensions, policies and routing.

Integrates with Salesforce Process Builder

Using Salesforce’s Policy Builder’s features Natterbox empowers the admin to create several call and after call policies relevant for the business.

Listen Live

Listen in on any call so you can ensure your investment in training is paying off and that your customers are receiving the very best service. Provide live in-call coaching via barge feature.

What is Cloud PBX?

A PBX stands for a private brand exchange, and it’s basically your phone system. A cloud PBX is thus a cloud phone system. Traditionally, phone systems (PBXs) were sitting in the basement managed by an employee. Cloud PBX is off-site and is a virtual or hosted PBX that’s basically managed by your provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of sitting in your basement.

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system for businesses which is hosted off-premise by a third party like Natterbox. It is often referred to as a cloud PBX because it is 100% in the cloud, allowing a user to access it on any telephony device anywhere in the world. This cloud telephone system replaces landlines, and will help reduce costs, save time and provide endless scalability and agility as your organisation grows.

Natterbox owns its own Cloud PBX technology and is the world’s 1st and only provider to provide an end to end telephony system fully inside Salesforce and to support both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a technology that allows for voice or multimedia communication over the internet. This allows you to make phone calls over the internet with your phone, as an example.

How do I compare a hosted phone system to a PBX?

Essentially they do the same thing, however, with underlying strategies and technologies. We have explained this thoroughly in our blog post about Cloud vs Hosted telephone systems.