For organisations that use Salesforce, Natterbox Advanced Voice Services 100% native business phone system and contact centre allows administrators to set up and run their entire phone system and contact centre within Salesforce.

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  • Global scalability

    Global scalability

    Unlike most on-premise and hosted PBX phone systems and hosted contact centre systems Natterbox AVS Cloud PBX allows admins to scale their phone system globally providing personalization of the customer experience and increasing speed of engagement leading to greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Fast and easy setup

    Fast and easy setup

    Natterbox AVS for Cloud PBX can be downloaded from the AppExchange can be set up and deployed in a matter of days and hours instead of months and weeks.

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Complete Control

Give Salesforce system administrators complete control over the setup and management of their business phone system directly though the Salesforce interface. Set up and manage phone numbers, call policies and call routing over their global business.

Complete Control

Increase staff productivity and customer loyalty

Route customer calls to different sales and service teams anywhere in the world according to customer needs using custom rules, such as caller ID, location time of day, sales territory.


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Natterbox Web Phone

Salesforce is your phone

  • Browser based web phone
  • Login to Salesforce from anywhere and start making and receiving calls
  • Dedicated user tab in Salesforce for users to access their call log and voicemail
  • No Need for Telephone Hardware or Software

User, device and extension management

  • Provision both Salesforce and non-Salesforce phone users from Salesforce
  • Set up IP Phones softphones and mobiles for both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users from Salesforce
Natterbox Web Phone
  • Voicemail in Salesforce

    Voicemail in Salesforce

    Natterbox voicemail in Salesforce allows users to listen to voicemails directly from Salesforce or have them emailed out as soon as the voicemail is left. Natterbox voicemail to Salesforce means you'll never have to dial-in to check or retrieve voicemail again.

  • Cloud IVR

    Cloud IVR

    Create sophisticated IVR policies in just a few clicks with Natterbox easy to for your customers to navigate using drag and drop administrator console.

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Give Control of your call routing to Salesforce Administrators

Natterbox AVS declarative policy builder puts the power in your hands, Salesforce system administrators can setup and manage their entire business phone system directly though Salesforce interface.

Set up and manage phone numbers, user extensions, call policies, and call routing over their global business.

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface
  • Integrates with Salesforce workflow/process builder
Give Control of your call routing to Salesforce Administrators

Already have a phone system but want Natterbox features?

No problem! Natterbox OTT (Over the Top) technology can integrate Salesforce and Service Cloud with your existing phone system giving you all the features you need to improve your Sales and Customer Service teams effectiveness.

Global Network

Global Data Centres

Natterbox is available worldwide serviced by our global network of data centre infrastructure providing quality of service for calls, reliability and reduced complexity

There's a reason so many leading companies use Natterbox

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