For organisations that use Salesforce, Natterbox Advanced Voice Services Salesforce single sign-on CTI allows administrators to enable increased productivity, speed of engagement and personalised service for both sales and service staff.

Salesforce Salescloud CTI
  • Global scalability

    Global scalability

    Unlike software based CTI products Natterbox allows admins to scale productivity improvements globally enabling sales and service staff to deliver personalised customer service with increased speed of engagement leading to greater levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Fast and easy setup

    Fast and easy setup

    Natterbox AVS CTI can be downloaded from the AppExchange can be installed and set up and in and hours instead of months and weeks.

    App Exchange
Complete Control

Complete Control

Natterbox AVS CTI gives Salesforce system administrators complete control over the setup and management of the AVS CTI directly though the Salesforce interface. Set up and manage phone number caller ID’s and call wrap up codes and Salesforce Omni-Channel support for their global business.

Increase staff productivity and customer loyalty

Natterbox AVS CTI reduces the amount of time to wrap up a call by as much as 33% which is time that can be reinvested in providing better customer service. Natterbox AVS CTI ensures 100% data accuracy for calls and logs all the call meta data as an activity history task against the relevant contact record and the Salesforce reporting object.


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CTI Features

Natterbox AVS CTI works with the new Natterbox Web RTC phone making the CTI your telephone in Salesforce without any dependence on third party IP Phone hardware or Software.

  • No Need for Telephone Hardware/Software


    No Need for Telephone Hardware/Software.

  • Click to Dial / Screen Pop


    Click to Dial / Screen Pop.

  • Live Call Notes


    Live Call Notes.

  • Works with any phone system, including mobiles!

    One System

    Works with any phone system, including mobiles!

  • Make & Receive calls from Salesforce


    Make & Receive calls from Salesforce.

  • Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer control

    Call Control

    Call Hold, Call Waiting, Call Transfer control.

  • Designed for Sales and Service Cloud. Lightning ready.

    Lightning Ready

    Designed for Sales and Service Cloud. Lightning ready.

  • Agent availability and presence controls


    Agent availability and presence controls.

  • Schedule next call to Open Activity


    Schedule next call to Open Activity.

  • Works with custom fields and custom objects.


    Works with custom fields and custom objects.

  • Customisable Wrap-up Codes


    Customisable Wrap-up Codes.

  • Multilingual support


    Multilingual support.

  • Single Sign-on


    Single Sign-on.

  • Single Sign-on


    Progressive and preview dialler.

Already have a phone system but want Natterbox features?

No problem! Natterbox OTT (Over the Top) technology can integrate Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with your existing phone system giving you all the features you need to improve your Sales and Customer Service teams effectiveness.

Global Network

Global Data Centres

Natterbox is available worldwide serviced by our global network of data centre infrastructure providing quality of service for calls, reliability and reduced complexity

There's a reason so many leading companies use Natterbox

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