Computer Telephony Integration (SCTI)

The only true-cloud CTI solution that’s embedded and managed 100% directly within Salesforce®.

Ensuring complete data capture, and integration, of all calls resides within your Salesforce platform, therefore increasing user adoption and reducing lost intelligence.

Key benefits for your customers

Give the very best service to your prospects and customers with data at your agents' fingertips.


Faster resolution of enquiries as the sales or service agent has instant access to their full service history so they don’t need to keep repeating themselves to different representatives.

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Key benefits for you

Boost your Sales and Service agents’ productivity with the key features they need to succeed.

SCTI empowers your team to:


Boost productivity with click-to-dial, screen pop, progressive and preview dialler, live note taking and automatic activity capture.


Measure performance with 60 ready-made reports in Salesforce to help you optimise your time effectively and reduce downtime.


Total visibility of all calls with 60+ points of data captured and automatically pushed into Salesforce against leads and contacts from each call.


Ensure 100% data accuracy for calls and log all the call meta data as an activity history task against the relevant contact record and the Salesforce reporting object.


Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with improved adoption from automatic activity logging and bespoke wrap up codes, empowering agents with complete activity history.


Seamlessly access both your telephony and Salesforce platform with single sign-on.

Already have a phone system but want Natterbox features?

No problem! Natterbox OTT can integrate Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with your existing phone system, giving you all the features you need to succeed.

Features & Benefits


Click to Dial

When Salesforce is your phone system, you can just click the telephone number inside the Salesforce record to make a phone call. It’s all tracked automatically.


Screen Pop

When you make a call or receive a call, the relevant record will pop onto the screen as the call is being made so that the agent has time to review customer history.


Live Call Notes and Wrap-Up codes

Make notes directly in the record during the call, and customise a set of wrap-up codes after each call which can be reported against.


One System, Including Mobiles

All of your landlines, softphones, webphones and mobile phones are tied into the system. One place for everything, even for global organisations.


Calls Inside Salesforce

Make and receive calls from inside Salesforce. Also works with the Salesforce mobile app. Call hold, call waiting, call transfer and call control all included.


Availability Control

Agents can set their status with the availability controls, and the call routing function will take this into account when deciding which phone or phones to ring.



Natterbox works with custom fields and custom objects, and can be perfectly tailored to fit with your organisation’s work process.



Natterbox has multilingual support, and can be deployed as an all-in-one global phone system for a global organisation, even for users outside Salesforce.



Natterbox comes with and preview dialler which allows you to create call lists for agents to work through for maximum efficiency.

Discover more

What is CTI?

Computer Telephony Integration. Natterbox for Salesforce CTI ensures complete data capture both automated call data and agent entered data using short codes and an interface that reduces clicks dramatically, increasing user productivity, typically by many minutes per call. All data captured is pushed seamlessly into the Salesforce record and is thus easily reportable on from within Salesforce native reports.

What is CTI integration?

CTI connects computers and telephones. With this integration in place, it's possible to have phone calls trigger screen popping, routing of calls, automated dialling and phone controls via the computer. These different functions can be very helpful for any company, particularly in sales, service and call centres.

If for example a customer calls in to an agent, the CTI queries the number in the database, allowing the agent to be presented with a screen with the customer's details and history (screen pop).