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Natterbox Review: Q&A with Accordance

We interviewed Claire Madoux from Accordance at our Natterbox Exchange customer event to discover how they use Natterbox and what impact connecting their Salesforce CRM with their telephony system has had to their working lives.

From easy office moves and facilitating hot-desking, Claire gives us an insight into how Accordance are utilising our technology.

Q: What made you look at Natterbox?

So we were moving office, we were moving around 100 people from one office to another, and we had 3 months to do it. We called our provider at the time, and they said it would take 6 months to move the line. We have a massive Sales team, there was no way that this was going to cut it for us. So then we approached Natterbox and realised that not only that it wouldn’t take 6 months, but we didn’t have to deal with all the cabling issues, so yeah it was perfect from that end.

The sound quality was just so much better than I thought, better than just a normal phone in fact

Q: What problems did the Natterbox solution solve?

Having a phone for each individual. No cabling and because we were moving office we were hot desking- for us that was really important that we were able to move with our phone. Also, we were growing so we knew were going to outgrow the space we just moved into really really quickly, so we needed people to work from home without changing phone numbers, without having a work mobile phone. So it solved all of those problems for us.

Q: What has been the outcome of using Natterbox?

So obviously ease from all of the reasons I have just stated but the reporting, so we’re able to report on how many phone calls we are making, how many phone calls we are receiving, how many times we pick up, from what time, from what country, all of the reporting system is just absolutely fantastic.

Q: How easy was it to implement?

So it was really easy to implement, I’m not really tech-savvy and I could have done it myself. I particularly like the branches where you get to pick who picks up the call, it’s just really intuitive. And if someone leaves or goes on holiday, it takes 2 seconds to change. As long as you can read, you can do it.

If a lead or client calls you, you instantly know who it is, because it’s linked to your contacts

Q: What are the benefits of Natterbox working within Salesforce?

Natterbox is within our Salesforce so you can go through your cases like you would normally do, and have the Natterbox phone. If a lead or client calls you, you instantly know who it is, because it’s linked to your contacts.

Q: What would you say to anyone considering Natterbox?

Go for it- or definitely go and talk to Natterbox to start with. There’s different options, some more or less expensive. So from small to big business, you can really pick and choose what you want.

Q: What significant change has Natterbox made to your business?

Its allowed us to be mobile. I think that the main change, is that its allowed us to go to the new office, keep our phone, everything is on the laptop, and still do all the reports. I think mobility is the main one that’s been really good for us.

Q: Why do you love Natterbox?

I like tech but I thought the idea of having something on my ears and not just a physical phone, I didn’t like it, it wasn’t for me. However the sound of the quality was just so much better than I thought, better than just a normal phone in fact. And just being able to log on, remembering the phone number, having your own direct line, and we since, have opened an office in Europe, and wanted a Dutch phone number, and we got it within 2 hours! So that’s why I love Natterbox.

Discover how using Natterbox to connect your Salesforce CRM with your telephony system can both improve staff productivity in sales or service centres and also improve customer service by booking a demo with us today, or view other Natterbox reviews and case studies on our Customers page

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