Case Study: Naked Wines

Giving wine the personal touch

About Naked Wines

Naked Wines is disrupting the wine industry in order to make wine an affordable everyday pleasure by bridging the relationship gap between the customer and the winemaker. With their unique customer funding model, Naked Wines provide winemakers with the freedom to make quality wines at a price that beats the bottle shop.

Naked Wines Australia identified that their customers are looking for more than just a bargain and a decent bottle, they want a personalised experience.

Why Natterbox?

Initially, Naked Wines were looking for a way to gain more control over their call queues to better serve their customers while helping their call centre agents deliver world class service. In addition, the need to ensure visibility across the call response times meant the chosen technology had to be very advanced to keep up with the expectations of both Naked Wines and their customers.

Natterbox was able to provide Naked Wines with a telephony solution that was easily customisable, offering more control over their call centre queueing as well as allowing them to closely monitor call response times. By installing customisable call centre wall boards the whole team gained greater visibility over their call queues. To compliment the new phone system, Natterbox also provided strong technical support from the launch and deployment of the project and a designated technical support contact for the implementation who helped to adjust Naked Wines’ inbound call package until it suited all of their needs.

Improved customer experience

Naked Wines pride themselves on their customer service experience which has created extremely loyal customers. For this reason, they needed a phone system that would allow them to continue delivering this high level of service. “As a lot of Naked Wine’s best customers come from referrals, usually from other customers, it was vital that from the very first interaction customers enjoy a seamless experience. Customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do at Naked Wines”, said Greg Banbury, Managing Director.

Prior to implementing Natterbox’s Cloud PBX, the Naked Wines call centre experienced dropped, or abandoned calls from their call queue‘s of between 20-30 percent per day. With Natterbox Naked Wines were able to reduce abandoned calls immediately to below 3 percent, which was a significant improvement.

More control over the system

Natterbox’s declarative user interface allowed Naked Wines to specifically design and build their own call policies, addressing the unique needs of their business. The addition of the call queuing wall boards created a greater visibility on the call centre, which helped drop the average call waiting time from 60 to an average of 20-30 seconds, also allowing them to meet their KPI to respond to each inbound call within 20 seconds. On better performing day’s this dropped to an even lower with a 10-15 second response time.

Ease of use

Naked Wines wanted a telephony system that would provide an easy transition for their call centre team to use. Natterbox’s Cloud PBX system and wall boards were quite simple to configure and implement and gave real time visual feedback to the team. In addition, Natterbox worked with and trained Naked Wines’ Head of Service to build their current call policy configuration to meet their exact specifications. Natterbox also provided live training to all customer service staff as well as providing call quality monitoring, enabling them to receive feedback and provide additional training when needed.

Natterbox continue to provide continuous over the phone technical support and are supportive of any new requests from the Naked Wines team. Banbury said: “The over the phone tech support has also been significantly better than with our previous provider. All of the team that we dealt with at Natterbox were amazing with regard to service.”


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Key challenges

Naked Wines needed a phone system and contact centre that would allow them to increase the speed of service to their customers and allow them to easily monitor their performance. Their main KPI was to respond to each inbound call within 20 seconds.


Key features

  • Fully featured Cloud PBX
  • Automated time of day and public holiday call routing
  • Contact centre live training and quality monitoring
  • Highly customisable call queues including:
    • Position in queue announcements
    • Virtual hold customer call back request
  • Highly customisable contact centre wall boards
  • Natterbox IP handsets

“From the start Natterbox’s service has been excellent. We were assigned an IT support manager, who assisted greatly with the deployment and launch phase, then remained the main technical contact for the first few months. Later, another support technician was assigned, who was hugely helpful once our inbound call package was adjusted to an appropriate plan. He assisted in training our in-house Head of Service and helped build the current call policy to our exact specifications.”

Key business benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty due to reduced call waiting times and personalised customer experience.
  • Greater visibility on call data for management

“Overall Natterbox has had an extremely positive impact on our customer experience. Before implementing Natterbox we were susceptible to dropping 20-30 percent of calls each day. This number immediately dropped to consistently below 3 percent, after our current call policy was designed and implemented.”


Download Case Study PDF