Natterbox for Omni-Channel®

Help customers to fully manage inbound queries across all channels. Include voice and enable your business to deliver a connected customer experience without overloading your agents.

Synchronize your channel activities for better customer experience

Natterbox fully integrates with Salesforce Omni-Channel. Agents can select a status, such as ‚available‘ or ‚unavailable‘ which determines whether they can receive calls or not. Likewise, if an agent takes a call, their status is automatically updated.

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Are you working with lots of disparate channels?

64% of customers say that providing an excellent customer experience strengthens their loyalty.
Salesforce State of the Connected Customer

82% of business buyers want the same experience as when they’re buying for themselves.
Salesforce State of the Connected Customer.

More about Natterbox for Omni-Channel®

Salesforce Omni-Channel is a tool that sits inside of either Sales or Service Cloud that, once enabled and configured, automatically pushes work to your users in real time. Supporting leads, cases, chats, video calls, social posts, orders and custom objects with the goal of getting the right work to the right person at the right time.

Omni-Channel allows users to manage how different channels, such as chat, email and text, deliver data to agents. By including Natterbox, this will add voice, meaning that businesses can control workloads by rerouting other data services when agents take calls. At a time when engagement is growing across a variety of channels, this means customers will continue to receive the best possible experience, irrespective of how they want to communicate with businesses.

As well as managing workloads, including Natterbox in Omni-Channel means that all call activity, routing and reporting data is captured and sits under the omnichannel umbrella, alongside data from other channels. Businesses therefore get simpler, more comparable sets of data to aid resource planning and inform future channel investment.

100% embedded and managed within Salesforce you can extend your CTI investment to the omni-channel, for example, to route cases and calls to the right agent at the right time.

Key Features & Benefits

Salesforce Integration

The world’s first global business phone system with Contact Centre, 100% embedded and managed entirely within Salesforce.

Increased User Adoption

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with improved adoption from automatic activity logging and pre-defined wrap up codes, empowering agents with a complete activity history.

Accelerate Sales Productivity

Gain greater efficiency with click-to-dial, screen pop, progressive and preview dialler, live note taking and automatic activity capture via Salesforce CTI.

Actionable Insights

60+ points of call data captured and automatically pushed into a lead/contact in Salesforce. All of which can be built into 120+ customisable Salesforce reports and dashboards, to help you make better business decisions.

Global Data Centres

Natterbox is available worldwide; serviced by our network of 8 global data centres, providing quality of service for calls, reliability and reduced complexity.

Easily Scalable

Expand into new markets with Salesforce PBX, and deploy a new phone system in a new location, in a matter of minutes.

Quality Assurance

Listen live and Record calls to ensure every communication with customers and prospects is of the highest standard.

Track Marketing ROI

Assign Numbers to campaigns, and give sales complete visibility over where inbound leads are attributed to.

Total Visibility

View inbound and outbound customer call history, sales team total calls, average time length, call waiting time and more, directly through Salesforce and our Wallboards.

One Trusted Provider

We own our own Cloud PBX and our solution is 100% managed and embedded within Salesforce. Enabling transparency, flexibility and support, without needing to escalate to third party telephony suppliers.