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Estate Agents On The Move, Can Avoid Missing Important Phone Calls

Businesses such as estate agents, never need miss a call again, says Natterbox, a pioneer of cost effective telecommunications solutions within the hosted voice sector.  Understanding businesses requirements from those that are on the go, Natterbox aims to make life easier by offering a service that can programme any device as an additional extension.

Natterbox’s Voice Anywhere hosted PBX service enables professions such as estate agents to route any telephone call, whether it is an incoming external or an internal call, to a single user or to multiple voice devices at once.  Mobiles, landlines, even computers can be used as an extension of a telephone network, meaning calls can be answered anywhere in the world.

When several staff members are out of the office and others are speaking to customers or already taking calls, the Natterbox service can route an inbound call to the next available person in another branch, ensuring business isn’t lost due to an engaged line or delayed answering. Understanding the business needs of active trades such as estate agents and others, who constantly move locations during the day, Natterbox’s hosted voice means that a user’s office extension, mobile phone, home line and PC can all ring at the same time, helping to make sure a call is never missed.

The hosted voice platform from Natterbox requires no hardware or software to be installed, ensuring it is also a cost effective service for the business.   In addition to this Natterbox also provide mobile voicemail, a service which is aimed for those who are often out of the office but require access to their information and messages.  This feature can be dialled from any phone line across the world.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, said: “Testament to the advancements made in the telecoms sector, businesses now have access to a wide range of features helping to make communicating simpler and more efficient.  With many occupations facing the daily challenge of being unreachable, services such as hosted PBX mean companies no longer have to worry about missing calls and potentially losing business.”

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