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January 24th 2019

Why Telephony Should Be Part Of Your Customer Experience Strategy For 2019, Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM

With 92% of interactions taking place over the phone, even over social, it’s time to prioritise your phone. With Natterbox you can increase efficiency, improve sales productivity and enhance your overall customer experience.

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March 6th 2019

VC Funding: Life After Backing, One Moorgate Place, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Finding funding can be stressful and for most companies, with a limited operational timeline, a full time job. Regardless of what stage you’re at or how successful you’ve been in raising capital, we investigate some of the growing pains associated with scaling a business.

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March 27th-28th 2019

Call & Contact Centre Expo, ExCel, London, UNITED KINGDOM

Located alongside B2B Marketing Expo, B2C Marketing Expo, Marketing Technology Expo and the Sales Innovation Expo - with over 700 exhibitors and 500 seminars taking place across all shows, all under one roof.

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May 7th 2019

Salesforce Basecamp, Munich, GERMANY

Let yourself be inspired by real trailblazers - innovative companies that keep their customers excited. Learn new ways to redefine the customer experience for your customers.

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May 15th-16th 2019

UC Expo, ExCel, London, UNITED KINGDOM

The UC Expo is the largest Unified Communications and Collaboration event in Europe. The two day event encompasses the technologies that enable smarter collaboration and a truly connected business.

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May 22nd 2019

Salesforce Basecamp, Berlin, GERMANY

Capitalize on the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution in sales, customer service, marketing, and commerce to exceed your customers' expectations.

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Previous Events

Natterbox Exchange Event

On 15 November 2018, Natterbox hosted our first Natterbox Exchange event at the Magic Circle Headquarters in London.

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