Frequently asked questions

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone system for businesses which is hosted off-premise by a third party like Natterbox. It is often referred to as a cloud PBX because it is 100% in the cloud, allowing a user to access it on any telephony device anywhere in the world. This cloud telephone system replaces landlines, and will help reduce costs, save time and provide endless scalability and agility as your organisation grows.

Natterbox owns its own Cloud PBX technology and is the world’s 1st and only provider to provide an end to end telephony system fully inside Salesforce and to support both Salesforce and non-Salesforce users.

What is call routing?

Call routing is the way we send calls to an agent, support person or sales person or a group of agents based on various factors including Agent availability, Call Volume, Time of Day and also any caller information such as country of origin or any information in Salesforce such as this is a Gold customer.

What is relationship based routing?

Relationship based routing, is when an inbound call is received through Natterbox and using live Salesforce data we identify the owner of the contact and using that information route the call directly to that agent. This shortens the customer journey, delivers an improved customer experience and saves repetition and call transfers.

What is CTI?

Computer Telephony Integration. Natterbox for Salesforce CTI ensures complete data capture both automated call data and agent entered data using short codes and an interface that reduces clicks dramatically, increasing user productivity, typically by many minutes per call. All data captured is pushed seamlessly into the Salesforce record and is thus easily reportable on from within Salesforce native reports.

What are wrap up codes?

This is how you complete your call within Salesforce. They are fully customisable and you can have as many or as few as you require. The wrap up codes can also be different per group or user. Natterbox also allows the user to complete wrap-up notes from within the same CTI interface.

What is CLI?

Caller Line Identity is the number presented when making an outbound call. A user can select the number to present, such as their mobile and it can also be set to withheld or not provided. Natterbox can also provide automated local presence dialling to increase connection rates.

What is CTI integration?

CTI connects computers and telephones. With this integration in place, it's possible to have phone calls trigger screen popping, routing of calls, automated dialling and phone controls via the computer. These different functions can be very helpful for any company, particularly in sales, service and call centres.

If for example, a customer calls into an agent, the CTI queries the number in the database, allowing the agent to be presented with a screen with the customer's details and history (screen pop).

How many data centres do you have and where are they located?

Natterbox has 8 global data centres based in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, delivering automatic resiliency and geo-locating for users

Does Natterbox work for both inbound and outbound calls?

Yes, Natterbox supports inbound and outbound calling with functionality varying on each due to the nature of the call. Natterbox is used by customers with an inbound, outbound or mixed usage.

How do you centralise a phone system?

Centralising a PBX traditionally meant having a large PBX switch in an office which then would have satellite (smaller) PBX machines in various other offices. This is obviously an expensive option and often requires ongoing maintenance, parts, onsite support and backup devices. With the Natterbox cloud phone system, these issues are all removed. Natterbox maintains the cloud infrastructure which is global, automatically replicates and provides total resilience.

Who looks after my cloud telephony?

During deployment, it is the responsibility of our Professional Services engineers. Once deployed, we put you into our customer mentoring team, where the team look after you for the first few weeks and months using Natterbox. This team is part of our support team and they then take over the responsibility of your cloud telephony.

Do you outsource your telco or infrastructure?

Natterbox operates both as a Cloud Software vendor owning our own system and PBX technology as well as a Registered Telco, meaning you can be assured of the resiliency, support quality, ownership and speed to resolution.

Do we need to buy everyone a brand new phone?

Not necessarily. Natterbox works with you to understand your needs and best recommend the configuration and approach to best service your business and user needs.

Do I have to have hardware / phyiscal phones?

No, Natterbox supports traditional desk phones, softphones and cell phones. Natterbox also offers webphone fully embedded into Salesforce. This allows agents to login to Salesforce and start making calls with no hardware or software installed on their machine. Natterbox also offers the webphone in a stand alone browser window for non-Salesforce users.

Do we need an actual phone with it?

No, Natterbox can operate fully as a no hardware no software phone system using Natterbox’s own webphone from any internet connected PC.

Can I use it across multiple offices?

Yes, Natterbox has customers using our service around the globe with many multinational firms using our service as one company from over 20 countries.

Can I provision numbers from any country?

Natterbox operates as a Global Telco and can provide regional numbers according to local country telecoms regulations.

What CRM systems do you integrate with?

Natterbox integrates with all Salesforce Clouds, such as Salescloud, Servicecloud, Salesforce Communities (Enterprise Edition and above).

Do I need to download software on my PC?


Do I need to download anything else to make it work?


Can I get a reference from your existing customers?

Natterbox is proud of our customer base and our high renewal rates. Example customers can be found at https://www.natterbox.com/customers/ and we are more than happy to provide customer references.

Do you have customers based on other continents?

Natterbox has customers based across all global continents and through our global infrastructure provide a high call quality and local routing to all global regions.

Is this solution suitable for enterprise accounts?

Natterbox has a growing number of global Enterprise customers using our service across the globe, We have a number of multi-billion dollar firms who have selected Natterbox for global deployments.

What's the price per user?

This depends and will vary depending on the needs you have. Natterbox has open and clear pricing based on optional modules. Typically expect to pay from £20 per user per month. Our team will be happy to help understand your needs and provide pricing.

How much bandwidth do I need?

A VOIP call uses 0.08Mbps per call of bandwidth, dependent on the number of users, the size of the network available and what the network is being used for all impact on the bandwidth required. Natterbox’s expert team is on hand to network test for you during the process to ensure a successful implementation.

Will I receive training?

Yes, from the professional services engineers responsible for your deployment. We provide both Administrator and user training where required.

I don't have all my users in the CRM, can they still use Natterbox?

Yes. Natterbox supports non Salesforce users and can still route calls to them dynamically based on live Salesforce data, log their calls into Salesforce and record their calls into Salesforce without a need for a CRM license.

Do I need a particular salesforce license?

You need an Salesforce Enterprise license or above in order to use Natterbox.

What reports can I have?

Natterbox includes over 80 telephony report templates out of the box and of course, you can create your own easily inside Salesforce own reporting.

Does it work with lightning?

Natterbox is Lightning ready and can support and enhance your Lightning experience and user adoption.

Does Natterbox connect with Salesforce omni channel?

Yes, Natterbox has both Salesforce Omnichannel and Salesforce Communities integrations at NO extra cost.

What are your support hours?

Support is available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

How much uptime does Natterbox have?

Natterbox operates an always live service. Updates to the service core are done in live mode. Updates to the Salesforce embedded telephony is via the Salesforce Appexchange and thus you as the customer have control over when to apply an update into your Salesforce system. Natterbox operates 8 global data centres which replicate and failover to each other automatically, therefore you can expect no service outages.

What if the service goes down?

Natterbox operates an always live service. Updates to the service core are done in live mode. Updates to the Salesforce embedded telephony is via the Salesforce Appexchange and thus you as the customer have control over when to apply an update into your Salesforce system. Natterbox operates 8 global data centres which replicate and failover to each other automatically, therefore you can expect no service outages.

Can I change call flow easily?

Yes, you can change your call flow and customer experience in seconds from within Salesforce itself. A Salesforce Administrator is able to run your phone system without complex telecoms knowledge.

Can I use custom hold music?

Yes, this is available for you to easily and quickly configure yourself from within Salesforce.

Do you have text to speech?

Yes, Natterbox can automatically read out text, either hardcoded into the Natterbox policy or from any Salesforce data field. Natterbox provides a range of optional accents to select from.

How do I restrict certain access?

When Natterbox AVS is installed, we restrict the access of changing the policies etc to Administrators only. We can provide other users with additional access is required.

What sort of data can I report on?

Natterbox includes over 80 Salesforce example and modifiable telephony reports out of the box. You can create as many reports as you wish using standard Salesforce reporting and dashboards. Natterbox stores all of its automatically created and user created data fully inside Salesforce data records.

How does call data get logged?

Natterbox automatically logs all call data into Salesforce (typically 60-100 data points per call). The user additionally can log wrap-up codes and live note taking into Salesforce for the call. All data is stored for the call as Salesforce data that is then reportable inside Salesforce.

Can managers listen to people's calls?

If permissions are set then a manager can listen to a user’s calls. Natterbox has a Listen Live feature whereby the manager can choose to listen in on a call directly from Salesforce and select whether they would like to listen only, whisper help to the agent, or barge to talk to both parties. A manager or user can also listen to call recordings depending on permissions set within Salesforce

Can I keep my advertised number?

Natterbox is able to port most numbers to our service, dependent on local Telecomms regulations. You retain ownership of the number throughout. We operate an expert porting team and can provide free advice and guidance in this area.

Can I request global numbers or are there restrictions?

There are restrictions based on local country regulations, further information is available on the Global Numbers page.

Do you offer demos?

Yes, please fill in the request a demo form and someone will be in touch to assist.

How long do you store the recordings for?

Call recordings can be stored from the base included level of 6 months to as long as you require (at optional extra cost).

Can an inbound call be directed to call a group of users?

Natterbox can direct an inbound call to a single user, a group of users or a call queue based on the inbound callers’ number, the number they called or based on Salesforce data looked up (such as this is a Gold customer).

Does the platform support multiple devices?

Yes, Natterbox supports desk phones, soft phones, web phones, mobiles, Salesforce and non-Salesforce users.

What is Cloud PBX?

A PBX stands for a private brand exchange, and it’s basically your phone system. A cloud PBX is thus a cloud phone system. Traditionally, phone systems (PBXs) were sitting in the basement managed by an employee. Cloud PBX is off-site and is a virtual or hosted PBX that’s basically managed by your provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of sitting in your basement.

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s a technology that allows for voice or multimedia communication over the internet. This allows you to make phone calls over the internet with your phone, as an example.

How do I compare a hosted phone system to a PBX?

Essentially they do the same thing, however, with underlying strategies and technologies. We have explained this thoroughly in our blog post about Cloud vs Hosted telephone systems.

Can I use Salesforce as a contact centre?

Yes, the Natterbox Contact Centre module allows you to integrate your contact centre 100% within Salesforce.

Can I have Wallboard status screens on my office walls?

Natterbox Contact Centre module provides wallboard functionality with unlimited wallboard licensing included. You can configure what is shown on the wallboards from within Salesforce.

Where are the recordings stored?

Natterbox stores call recordings in the secure Natterbox cloud and provides a link to the recording against a Salesforce record, meaning users can easily find and listen to call recordings directly inside Salesforce (given the security privileges to do so).

Can I keep my existing phone system?

Natterbox can operate over the top of an existing PBX system or we can provide our own Cloud PBX technology allowing Natterbox to support your end to end phone system and have all configuration served from within your Salesforce system.

How is Freedom different for non-Salesforce users?

Non-Salesforce users get all the same telephone functionality as Salesforce users on both desktop and mobile though they don’t see Salesforce-specific functions such as Wrap-Ups, Notes and Activities.

What's the difference between using the Freedom mobile app and my normal mobile phone service?

Thanks to the integration with Salesforce, the same call data is pushed into your CRM as if you were making or receiving calls on any other device, meaning you no longer have to waste time catching up on admin.

What versions of Salesforce does Freedom work in?

You need to run Salesforce Lightning to use Freedom for Salesforce, though you can use the Freedom mobile app and web phone in both Classic and Lightning. If you’re a Classic user, you’ll be able to use our current CTI in place of Freedom for Salesforce.