Natterbox Freedom

Freedom is an interface that transforms agent performance, enabling users to work wherever they want on whatever device they want.

Work Wherever, on Whatever Device

Going beyond traditional Contact Centre CTI functionality, Natterbox gives users the complete choice about whether to work in or outside Salesforce, on their desktop or mobile phone. For agents in the field, they can now be as effective as if they were at a desk, and for non-Salesforce agents, they can dispense with the traditional deskphone, being able to access our webphone by logging in to any computer with an internet connection. Freedom is a 100% cloud-based solution meaning no hardware or software required for any of your employees.

Fed up of having to catch up on admin back at the office?

Mobile Productivity

70% of workers don’t sit behind a desk every day. Mobile devices are unleashing productivity and collaboration in the workforce.

Remote Workers

By 2021, the increase in the number of employees who prefer to work remotely will allow organisations to support 40% more workers in the same amount of space as they use today.

Employee Retention

By 2020, organisations that support a choose-your-own-work-style culture will boost employee retention rates by more than 10%.

Sources: Deloitte, The Untethered Workforce | Gartner, Crafting Workspaces That Enhance the Employee Experience

Freedom for your entire workforce

With the nature of today’s work environment changing significantly, Freedom offers a 100% cloud-based telephony solution for all employees.

For desk-based Salesforce agents, Freedom provides a world-class CTI interface that gives them the ability to do more of their work from a single window with fewer clicks than ever before.

Agents in the field benefit from having all data pushed back into Salesforce, eliminating the time that would previously have been spent catching up on admin.

Non-Salesforce users now get the same great, hardware-free telephony experience as their colleagues, both on their computer or mobile device.

Key Features & Benefits

Salesforce Integration

The world’s first global business phone system with Contact Centre, 100% embedded and managed entirely within Salesforce.

Support Remote Workers

Get complete Natterbox functionality on any device, whether desktop, mobile or tablet. Assisting your entire workforce to work smarter, no matter where or how they work.

100% Up To Date

Ensure Salesforce information is always up to date and eliminate the need for additional admin time when on the move: wrap ups, notes and all call data pushed back into Salesforce.

Supports Non-Salesforce Users

Non-Salesforce users get a webphone with all Natterbox telephony functions, so everyone within the organisation can benefit from efficiency gains.

User-Friendly Interface

Large, easy-to-navigate screen with quick access to menu items and new CTI features. Enhanced UI makes it easy to see who is on the call when performing Listen In and Transfer.

Address Book Functionality

Search and dial Salesforce Contacts and Accounts as well as your own organisation’s contacts from the Freedom app.


See all of your organisation’s teams and their corresponding team members with click-to-dial functionality along with presence and availability status.

Voicemail Drop

Increase outbound calling capability by recording multiple pre-recorded messages to quickly drop when hitting a customer’s voicemail service.


See your missed calls, voicemails and outstanding wrap up activity.

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How is Freedom different for non-Salesforce users?

Non-Salesforce users get all the same telephone functionality as Salesforce users on both desktop and mobile though they don’t see Salesforce-specific functions such as Wrap-Ups, Notes and Activities.

What's the difference between using the Freedom mobile app and my normal mobile phone service?

Thanks to the integration with Salesforce, the same call data is pushed into your CRM as if you were making or receiving calls on any other device, meaning you no longer have to waste time catching up on admin.

What versions of Salesforce does Freedom work in?

You need to run Salesforce Lightning to use Freedom for Salesforce, though you can use the Freedom mobile app and web phone in both Classic and Lightning. If you’re a Classic user, you’ll be able to use our current CTI in place of Freedom for Salesforce.