Can your phone system scale around the globe?

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Global cloud telephony for the next generation of multinationals

If your customers buy premium support they should receive it. Natterbox integration with Salesforce lets you prioritise premium customer support calls by placing them first in the queue and routing them to the team member best qualified to resolve their ticket.

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Global cloud multinational telephony

Global scalablility

A growing global business needs telephony that scales from a few users to thousands, easily, seamlessly without investment in additional infrastructure. As a cloud-based system, Natterbox Cloud PBX is infinitely scalable to support users in any location.

“We have increased our Natterbox users from 80 to over 1000 in 19 countries without the need to change anything”

- Groupon


Global service delivery

Global network of Data Centres are designed to deliver the highest quality of service for global organisations in any location. Our customers benefit from high availability, sharp call quality, elimination of dropped calls or latency issues.

Global agility

Your growing international business needs to open a new office, add new users and make changes to their telephony fast. Natterbox online management enables users to easily manage their infrastructure and make changes in realtime without needing external resources.

“We can commission a new user anywhere in the world in minutes!”

- Xref

Global cloud multinational telephony

Manage global complexity

Managing phone systems across multiple locations has historically meant dealing with multiple suppliers and management systems. As an integrated global cloud system, Natterbox delivers single sourcing and management for switchboard, users, numbers, call plans, IVR policies, reporting and CRM integration.

Manage telephone complexity

Local customer experience on a global scale

Little things like presenting local phone numbers when you call a customer or automatically routing calls based on where the caller is located gives customers a tailored localised experience.

Integration with Salesforce® CRM ensures all customer information is captured and used to deliver a compelling and personalised sales and service customer experience.

Want to globalise your telephony?

If you need to globalise your telephony or integrate with Salesforce® then let us show you how.

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Global CRM

Global productivity & CRM

Integration between your global phone system and Salesforce® delivers increased call productivity and effectiveness. Calls are made directly from Salesforce®, customer records automatically retrieved and updated with call details, call management processes are streamlined. This ensures that sales and service staff spend more time talking to customers and call data is accurately and automatically recorded into Salesforce®.

Global Productivity
Global mobility

Global mobility

Fast moving global businesses have key staff constantly on the move in different offices, at home or in transit anywhere in the world. Natterbox users can have multiple devices and multiple phone numbers. Intelligent routing and management ensures that calls can be made and received from anywhere.

Global analytics

Global reporting & analytics

60 telephony datapoints are captured globally for usage, caller and statistical reporting or analysis. Optional wallboards provide a powerful and realtime global reporting engine that delivers flexible, role-specific visual performance management information for phone-based sales and customer service teams. For organisations with Salesforce® CRM, Natterbox has over 120 native, customisable reports and dashboards that summarise global call activities and can apply analytics to resolve issues and drive global sales and service best practice.

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“We can commission a new user anywhere in the world in minutes!”

- Xref

“We can commission a new user anywhere in the world in minutes!”

- Xref

Global cloud telephony

If you need to globalise your telephony or integrate with Salesforce® then let us show you how.

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