Natterbox for High Velocity Sales®

Increase productivity with automatic call capture and lead/contact record updates, regardless of whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Improve Sales Rep Efficiency by Making Voice Central to Your Sales Cadence

By integrating High Velocity Sales with Natterbox your sales representatives will be able to benefit from a fast, low-click dialling experience as soon as they log into Salesforce. Not to mention, a whole host of productivity features like live note taking, customised wrap up codes, automatic activity capture, and so much more.

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Need a quicker, easier way for your sales reps to call their leads?

31% of Sales cite poor access to different types of data, including data outside of Salesforce, as the biggest barrier to deriving insights from Salesforce.

79% of salespeople regularly spend time during their workday inputting the same data into multiple systems, which increases the risk of human error affecting your data quality.

61% of consumers still prefer to talk to a real person over the phone when they need customer service assistance.

Source: Salesforce, State of Sales

Why Natterbox?

To have successful conversations with your customers and prospects daily, you need to have access to the right tools to get the job done. No more time wasted on incomplete data, multiple sources and manual admin methods.

Natterbox removes the complexity from manually updating Salesforce with call activity, by automatically capturing data and updating the lead and contact record, regardless if you’re in the office or on the road.

Key Features and Benefits

Improve Sales Rep Efficiency

Improve sales rep efficiency by making voice a central part of your sales cadence.

100% Embedded in Salesforce

Natterbox is 100% embedded into High Velocity Sales from Salesforce, providing a fast, low-click, seamless experience for your sales reps.

Minimise Clicks

Minimise clicks with a fully embedded High Velocity Sales dialler.

Easy Sales Cadence

Make voice calls an easy part of your sales cadence designs.

Local Presence Dialling

Local presence dialling improves pickup rates for cold calls.

Inbuilt Voicemail Drop

Inbuilt voicemail drop improves sales rep efficiency by removing the need to manually leave voicemails.

All Data Recorded

60+ points of call data captured and automatically pushed into a lead/contact in Salesforce. All of which can be built into 120+ customisable Salesforce reports and dashboards, to help you make better business decisions.

Record All Calls

Automatically capture call recordings from all company devices in the entire team to improve efficiency, data integrity and training, and ensure legal compliance.

One Trusted Provider

We own our own Cloud PBX and our solution is 100% managed and embedded within Salesforce. Enabling transparency, flexibility and support, without needing to escalate to third party telephony suppliers.