UK Micro-Multinationals Business Beyond Borders

Why SMEs are the engine for the UK PLC global expansion

The research behind this report was conducted by the Sussex Innovation Centre, an incubation hub for high-growth businesses based at the University of Sussex, on behalf of Natterbox.

UK Micro-Multinationals Business Beyond Borders
Priority Routing

Detailed Interviews

The research team collected survey responses from more than 100 UK-based micro-multinationals, and conducted in-depth interviews with senior staff members at six of those businesses to uncover more detailed insights.

Case Creation

Key markets & technologies

The research reveals key markets for international expansion, drivers and challenges associated with growing businesses overseas, and the comparative role and importance of various information technologies in enabling expansion.

Service Cloud

Planning for expansion

This report will be of interest to small to medium sized organisations planning their international expansion and those who are reviewing geographic and technology choices for their next phase of international expansion.

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