Natterbox Mobile Voice Record

If you are one of the millions of mobile workers on the road dealing with customers, suppliers and business partners everyday, documenting and keeping on top of all the detailed conversations can be an impossible task.

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What if you could record your mobile calls for easy play back at your convenience?

  • Validate important commercial details
  • Never type up notes again
  • Dispute resolution
  • Enable verbal contracts
Phone voice record
New Business

Easy & Secure

Natterbox Mobile Voice Record allows you to easily and securely record calls to and from your mobile phone. It is simple, affordable and 100% cloud so no need for additional hardware or software. Natterbox Mobile Voice Record works with any mobile phone.

Growing Business


No limits to scaling your phone system to thousands of users with speed, control and easy administration. Telephony for new staff, new offices and new countries is managed quickly and effectively.

Priority Routing


Calls are recorded in real time and securely stored in the Natterbox cloud. Customisable whitelists can be created to exclude numbers from recording. Roaming is fully supported so calls made or received from any country are recorded.

Case Creation

Storage of recordings

Recordings are securely stored in the Natterbox cloud for 6 months as standard. Storage periods are customisable so you can keep recordings as long as is required.

Service Cloud

Recording notifications

Customisable automated recording announcement informs callers before the conversation begins. The service can be configured to periodically remind parties that the call is being recorded.

Priority Routing

Access to recordings

Access recordings in multiple ways immediately after the call is completed. The secure Natterbox web portal enables recording access at any time. They can be emailed, ideal for sales or service note taking or hands free car conversations. For Salesforce® CRM users the recordings can be automatically attached to contacts and accessed via Salesforce®.

Case Creation

No hardware or software to install

Mobile Voice Record operates on the mobile network not the device so there are no software or apps to download and install. The service is compatible with all standard mobile phones. There is no need to change your phone, just activate the service and you are all set to go.

Service Cloud

Salesforce® integration

Recordings are populated against the correct contact, account or lead in Salesforce®. All recordings can be accessed directly from the call activity record within Salesforce®.

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