Natterbox provides Cloud-based voice services that transform how your business communicates.

We give you complete control and flexibility of voice which is all easily managed online, at the click of a button. Our intuitive management portal gives you powerful control of voice like you’ve never experienced before.

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A personalised customer experience has been proven to drive sales, customer service effectiveness, customer satisfaction and increase marketing campaign performance.

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Salesforce cloud

Complete Salesforce telephony

VoiceCloud PBX

VoiceCloud PBX

Fully featured Global PBX in the cloud. Managed natively inside Salesforce for user, policy and number management

  • Global coverage
  • Dynamic IVR
  • Browser-based Webphone
  • Numbers and call packages
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Natterbox CTI


Natterbox CTI with click to dial, screen pop and wrap-up codes. We have an automatic follow-up scheduler and a single sign-on with Salesforce.

  • Save valuable sales time searching for records
  • Personalise the customer experience by displaying callers name to sales agent
  • Save time with accurate dialling
  • Document the sales process the way you want
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Log all inbound and outbound fixed and mobile call data to contact, account, opportunity, case or/and custom records. Logs all 60 data points for every call.

  • Save valuable sales time documenting calls into Salesforce
  • Ensure accuracy of data in CRM
  • Never miss a call
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120 Real-time Business Intelligence reports within Salesforce, fully customisable within

  • Gain real time intelligence about all your calls
  • Ensure your most important customers are being called
  • Monitor sales call productivity
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Relationship based routing leveraging Salesforce data which prioritises calls based on any Salesforce field. Route campaign calls and call multiple devices.

  • Creating unique caller experiences
  • Prioritise VIP callers
  • SMS, email alert triggered calls
  • Ensure you never miss that important call
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Call recordings are dynamically populated into Salesforce and emailed to you with multiple storage options.

  • Save sales time by not having to document a call
  • Monitor sales performance for quality and coaching purposes
  • Store recordings in the cloud
  • Multiple storage period options
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business telephony

Business Telephony

VoiceCloud PBX

VoiceCloud PBX

Fully featured Global PBX in the Cloud is easy to set up and operate. Integrates with CRM and Dynamic IVR.

  • Make calls from anywhere
  • Calls between geographically diverse offices
  • No capital outlay
  • Pay as you go, per user per month pricing
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mobile recording

Mobile Recording

VoiceCloud PBX

Mobile Voice Record

All mobile calls recorded and stored in the cloud for easy and secure access

  • Access recordings via email, secure web portal or through Salesforce CRM
  • Works with any phone – no hardware or app to install
  • Validate commercial details and resolve disputes
  • Saves note taking time while on the move
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Natterbox delivers a voice experience that thinks outside the box

What makes all this possible is our bespoke Voice Platform as a Service which was custom developed by our in-house team because, before it and without it, a better way to use and control voice didn’t exist. The platform is built in a highly available, load balanced, instantly scalable environment that has no dependency on a physical location or datacentre. It fully integrates with mobile and data networks to make the impossible, possible.