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Natterbox has already demonstrated that the platform can flex as we need it to. As we expand, knowing that our telephony system can expand with us, is a huge relief and is one less thing that we have to think about. Good customer service over the phone is more important than ever, so if we want to compete and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market, keeping an easy and reliable form of communication open with our customers will be so important.

Nicola Sixsmith, Head of Administration

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Operating from London, with a regional headquarters in Singapore, FXecosystem is the leading provider of outsourced connectivity services to the FX and bond markets. It provides banks and global financial organizations with solutions to meet their connectivity needs, resulting in enhanced trade execution and operational efficiencies. By outsourcing their infrastructure and technology management needs to FXecosystem, these companies can focus on the key components of their business – trading, competitive strategy and sales.

Ensuring faster and more reliable customer communication

Speed and availability are vital to the companies serviced by FXecosystem, who need to provide their customers with the most up to date currency prices, as real-time as possible. That means communication between organizations within the FX and bond markets is a key differentiator and needs to be highly reliable.

We have put our name to delivering reliable, high speed connectivity. That commitment has to reflect across every element of the business. Time is of the essence for our customers, so they need to know that they can speak to someone who can help them quickly and easily, at any time of the day.

James Banister, CEO

One of FXecosystem’s main differentiators is its network operations center. Run 24 hours, seven days a week, there are always highly trained technicians managing the network and on hand to help customers. So, if a customer has a problem, they can call in to the center and speak to a qualified engineer who actively monitors the network and is trained to deal with their query. This service relies on a reliable telephony system that guarantees availability and call reliability. Telephony downtime would reflect badly on the company, for which ultra-reliable networking and connectivity is their competitive differentiator. Unfortunately, this is exactly what was happening with FXecosystem’s previous telephony platform, with poor call quality and frequent outages. It needed to change to a solution that it could rely on to provide consistently good service, at all times.

When considering a new telephony provider, FXecosystem also wanted it to integrate closely with Salesforce, which it uses as its sales and service CRM. It wanted the ability to capture all call data and record calls that its sales and services teams could then access.

Why Natterbox?

After looking at various solutions, FXecosystem chose Natterbox to provide its Cloud PBX telephony system, integration with Salesforce and call recording. The platform ensures that all information from a call is captured directly in Salesforce. This means that when a customer calls in, the FXecosystem engineer or customer account manager answering the call, has information from previous encounters right there, easily accessible. By improving the access and visibility of important information FXecosystem is able to offer a more personalized, accurate and connected service.

Natterbox stood out from other solutions on the market due to the quality and versatility of the service. It’s a highly intuitive platform that is very easily scalable, meaning that ease of deployment and expansion is unrivalled. Natterbox’s call recording capabilities were also a huge draw for us as this was a key element we felt was missing from our previous solution. It might seem like a small thing but having faith that every time a customer rings they receive a simple, efficient and personalized experience, is so important.

Nicola Sixsmith, Head of Administration

Bringing flexibility and simplicity to customer service

The introduction of Natterbox has given FXecosystem complete confidence in serving customers reliably over the phone.

The customer experience is superb – customers can always reach their FXecosystem contact, call quality is excellent and their contact has all the information about the account instantly to hand. To the customers it shows we are a highly customer-centric, service quality driven organisation. This is undoubtedly enhancing our reputation in the competitive market that we operate in.

James Banister, CEO

It has also helped the company ensure its compliance with legislation, such as the new General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR), by supporting data hosting and call recording. With more and more people doing away with landlines and using just a mobile phone, the ability to record calls made from mobiles has meant that FXecosystem can maintain consistency with call recording. European-based and international customers can all feel confident that FXecosystem’s CRM is absolutely compliant globally.

With a team based in Asia, the international element of the system has been particularly helpful and well-received by customers. Providing a comprehensive bank of local/international numbers that can be ordered easily, means that FXecosystem doesn’t have to deal with local network operators for the countries that its customers are based in.

As well as offering a better service, by being able to offer our international clients a local number they can call, it has also meant a significant reduction in admin time. The simplicity and flexibility of the platform has meant that FXecosystem has been able to adapt its use as needed. It also knows that, as the company continue to grow, the platform can be easily extended to more staff.

We’ve been particularly impressed with the ease of administrating the portal, all you need is an Internet connection. Even staff without an IT background can do it. This was a real benefit when we moved offices a few months after introducing Natterbox – business growth meant we needed more space. We simply plugged the phones in and they worked.

Nicola Sixsmith, Head of Administration

A flexible future

As the company continues to grow, maintaining a reliable and available level of customer service will be vital. The telephony system will be an important enabler of that commitment.