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We reviewed the available options and were pretty much sold on the Natterbox system from the beginning especially as it gives the business so much flexibility.

Steve Sloane, Founder and CEO

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Larger insurance providers often neglect this demographic as they believe that policy margins are too low and the cost of service too high – an idea challenged by Insure 247. Founder and CEO Steve Sloan identified an opportunity to service this often neglected customer segment in a cost-effective way. Sloan, who has worked in the banking and insurance industry for years, believed in building a new type of brokerage based on service and scale and launched Insure 247. With the insurance market heading more and more towards cloud based and online systems, and in order to compete with bigger insurance companies and brokerages, they position themselves with offerings that are the same across the whole insurance market.

Regardless of the size of your business you should be able to get access to the same type of service.

Steve Sloane, Founder and CEO

Why Natterbox?

Insure 247 chose Natterbox to provide its Cloud PBX telephony system and call recording fully integrated within Salesforce, after reviewing the telephony options available in the market. Insure 247 decided to replace their old IP telephony system due to their newly purchased PABX system and voice over IP being incompatible with the ADSL1 connection on their premises. This connection was essential for Insure 247 in order to provide the level of call quality they needed, and motivated them to change their provider and find their ideal solution. Additionally, they had issues integrating the previous system within Salesforce meaning that there were disadvantages in terms of productivity and reliability, with staff having to enter the same information repeatedly.

Flexibility and Scalability

As a relatively new player in the insurance industry, it was essential for Insure 247, that any telephony solution implemented was able to scale to keep up with their rapid business growth. Natterbox provides a software solution that is compatible and can be integrated with their current CRM – Salesforce.

Natterbox can be called an almost out of the box solution; there is no hard coding or conflicts with our existing software within the system.

The scalability delivered by Natterbox has allowed Insure 247 to double the size of their team in just over a year, without having to recontract a separate telecommunications partner.

When new staff join the business, it only takes a few minutes to on-board them onto the system. They are able to do this themselves without any additional assistance from Natterbox. Natterbox has enabled Insure 247 to scale up their call center operations to offer local service in NSW, Western Australia and New Zealand. Direct and personal enquires from clients can be customized to their preference. For example, the direct re-routing of enquires from domestic and international call equips Insure 247 with the availability of immediate access to their communication logs and folders.

Personalizing the customer experience

Tailoring the entire customer experience to meet the needs of individual clients is just one way that Insure 247 differentiates themselves from their competitors.

With 24/7 availability,

Insure 247 is not called ‘Insure 9-2, Monday till Thursday’. If we are going to call ourselves Insure 247 we really needed to deliver on that promise and make sure we are able to deal with our clients any time 24 hours a day seven days a week. If a customer has a claim, they can call and speak to someone any time they need, and to providing this service, Insure 247 relies on a trustworthy telephony system that guarantees both availability and call reliability.

The Natterbox platform also ensures that all information from a call is captured directly within Salesforce. When a customer calls in, the Insure 247 representative can easily access all the information from previous conversations. By having ease of access Insure 247 is able to offer a more personalized, accurate and efficient service to its customers.

Compliance and accountability

The Australian insurance industry is heavily regulated and it is a necessity that Insure 247 is capable of recording all calls to ensure they comply with industry regulation. In addition, Insure 247 wanted to provide the highest level of protection for all their clients by having accurate records of customer records and data.

As well as complying with industry regulations, it is vital to Insure 247 that the quality of their call recording is not only able to be configured with and adaptable to their existing systems but also has the capability to record calls received from both landlines and mobile phones. In today’s digital world, more and more people are doing away with landlines and relying solely on mobile phones. The capability to clearly and accurately record calls made from both mobiles and landlines allows Insure 247 to maintain consistency with call recording. They are extremely impressed with Natterbox Voice Record and how it is able to assist their customer service standards by improving support request times, as the system allows them to verify what insurers have said in a much shorter time and helped them to surpass their initial predictions of a fully functioning communications service.

Insure 247 also needed a solution that allows their call recordings to be saved in their contact records. Natterbox’s call recording solution drops information directly into the Salesforce system where customer service representatives are able to view all of their customer information in one place, therefore reducing customer waiting times while searching for information in a separate screen or system.

We didn’t want call information to be recorded separately from our main customer database – Salesforce. We wanted all our customer information in one place; when the client calls in we have access to all their information efficiently.

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