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Increase in call volume due to company growth


Decrease in admin, and system costs


Decrease in average handling time

With our rapid growth, not only was Natterbox able to keep up, but they always bring new relevant and innovative ideas to help our business grow.

Jessica Peart, VP Coaching & Customer Experience

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With the drive and inspiration to help women, LadyBoss began its journey in 2014 providing its customers with tools for weight loss. Today, LadyBoss is helping over 393,000 women through 6 product lines, including, supplements, exercise programs, and personal coaching. Additionally, LadyBoss was named the fastest growing weight loss program in 2019, according to Inc. Magazine’s Inc 5000 list.



LadyBoss is a fast growing business, and they needed a solution that would meet their business needs. At the start of their journey they were highly reliant on emails, and then moved to implementing a phone system to meet customer requests and increased demands. However, as their business scaled, their previous provider was not able to meet their needs, and they were facing high call cut off rates and calls dropped significantly. The admin console in the previous phone system was very complex, the JavaScript constantly needed updating and it was very difficult to make any changes. LadyBoss also needed a solution that was completely Salesforce™ driven to be able to generate reports easily, enabling them to have more visibility over their business.



With Natterbox being 100% embedded inside Salesforce, LadyBoss was able to capture all call data directly into their CRM unlike their previous platform. Giving LadyBoss complete visibility inside one platform, making Salesforce their single source of truth. The Natterbox drag and drop policy builder made it easy for the LadyBoss Customer Experience team to create customized call flows, through click not code, and they were able to make changes on the platform without going through the Admin or Development team. The call quality also drastically improved, providing a better experience for the customer and decreased the call cut off and drop off rates. 



The customer service call volume at LadyBoss increased by 300% in the last 5 months. This increase was driven by the growth of their business and with Natterbox’s unique compatibility with Salesforce, which enabled them to create new users quickly so they could service more inbound calls. With the Natterbox UI, it is easy and intuitive to create customized IVR policies, eradicating the need to rely on internal technical resources. This has reduced admin time and system costs by 50% and has decreased the average call handling time from 9 minutes to 6.5 minutes.

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