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The Deep Blue Ce(bit)

Natterbox Team


by James Radford, Product Manager at Natterbox

Cebit 2017! This year, Salesforce World tour has smushed together with the sprawling CeBIT conference in Hannover. Here at Natterbox, we could not resist popping over to see the unusual lovechild such a tech conference fusion would make.

First impressions? Green. Salesforce love to tout their green credentials and with the groundbreaking 1-1-1 program I can see why. However, for this year’s CeBIT, they have just gone green. I am sure there are more trees here today than there are in the Black Forrest.

Tree-mendous (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

But still, it certainly gives the event hall a much more relaxed feel compared to a normal conference. And certainly more relaxed than the ‘Battle Royale’ themed Autonomous vehicles hall!

Anyone missing Robot Wars?

Germany is a fast growing market for Salesforce, especially in Service Cloud and Salesforce have recognized this with a corresponding jump in size of their event. The previous Salesforce events in Munich had more of a provincial feel but CeBit 2017 in Hannover has all the buzz of World Tour UK and lavishly kitted out look and feel of Dreamforce.

Its a trend we have been seeing here at Natterbox too. Between the gutsy, bohemian start-up culture of Berlin and the established markets of Munich and Düsseldorf, demand for integrated, scalable technology is rife. If you, like us, believe that voice is the most important method of communication with your customers but lament the stagnated telecoms technology on offer today. Pop over to Stand 114 and have a chat to us at Natterbox!