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Trading Places at Natterbox

Natterbox Team

Natterbox is always committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility and we regularly find ways to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Summer Experience in July enabled us to raise funds for Action for Children, Make a Wish Foundation and Wooden Spoon, and we regularly support Evolve Housing & Support in their quest to look after the local homeless community in Croydon.

We took this to another level in December, when our CEO dressed up as Elf on the Shelf for a video to promote Action for Children’s Secret Santa appeal, followed by auctioning off various job roles during our Christmas party.

The roles on offer were Global Alliances Director, Client Services Director, CTO and CEO.

During the exciting live auction, the Natterbox team bid on each role with the successful bids going to:

We raised £700 for the Secret Santa appeal and sincerely hope we were able to make a difference in giving less fortunate children a better Christmas.

The role swap itself took place at the end of January, and here’s what took place…

David takes over Tech

David Murphy, acting CTO was surprised to say the least, when he needed to deal with a fake data breach on the day:

“I had a great time yesterday, it’s such a good idea to do something like this!”

“I was really grateful for, and appreciative of the effort and planning that went in to scheduling a day that ensured I had the chance to participate and work with all the different teams across Tech.”

“I definitely learnt a lot about what each of the teams get involved in, what they’re currently working on and how all of those components are coming together to keep our platform advancing forward and help us as a business grow. What was apparent too is how close knit a team everyone is and how skilled they are. Particularly enjoyable and exciting was getting involved with the agency who are working with us on our new freedom product. Can’t give too much away here of course…”

“It was unfortunate that I couldn’t stick to the planned schedule for the day, as I had to get stuck in to ‘incidents’ (stitch up!)… but then I imagine that’s very reflective of the day to day life of a CTO, having to juggle a tonne of different priorities whilst trying to keep a cool head.”

Ben makes Alliances

Ben Cole spends most of his time handling the technical side of our solution with very little “human” interaction – he chose to bid on one of the most visible roles within our organisation ‘Global Alliances Director’, which led to a flight to Dublin to network with our partners at Salesforce:

“The general perception of Alliances around the business is probably summed up by the beautiful photos parading themselves across the TV in reception. It looks like the most fun in the world: jet setting, party boats, and smiling faces.”

“There’s an element of this, of course, but it reminds me of a great line from American Beauty: “In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times”. This is the face of Natterbox, the one the Salesforce account executives see. The one they associate with our company, and with our product. The one that will make them remember, and recommend Natterbox to their own customers.”

“The result, a rich seam of leads for the sales team. This is the service that Alliances provides. Behind the scenes, a very small team of highly dedicated and resourceful operatives maintaining these relationships, building new ones, and burning the candle at both ends.”

“After socialising into the early hours, on Friday morning, when a newly reinstated Alliances Director bounded in to breakfast like a spring bunny, and proceeded to devour a full breakfast. I was sick. Figuratively, and literally. Good to have the opportunity to work with and see behind the scenes of such a dedicated team”

Ian acts as CEO

As acting CEO, Ian Moyse had to step away from his usual position heading up EMEA Sales and fill the shoes of our CEO Neil:

“The biggest indicator for me as CEO for the day was the need to have your fingers in so many pies and to know what is going on with each at enough level to understand the cross departmental effect. Also the importance to be able to delegate and trust people to own their part and report back the parts that I need to know.“

Joanne steps into Client Services

Joanne Warner deals with our customer support team every day, so stepping into the Client Services Director role wasn’t a million miles from her day to day job looking after our customers.

“As Client Service Director for the day it was a time to reflect that the whole team has the huge responsibility of ensuring the customer journey is successful.”

“From working with Sales through proof of concept, to Professional Services and Implementation making sure that the system is built to meet the customer’s needs, to supporting them on a daily basis to get the most out of the service and finally nurturing them so that they remain a long term customer and become a Natterbox advocate.”

“After thinking about that responsibility, I felt the need for a lie down, but no such luck as a (fake) data breach was reported. This was a great opportunity to work with Operations and our COO, acting CTO and acting CEO. Keeping a straight face as David worked diligently with the team to prove we had not been breached, was one of the toughest parts of the day ?”

“I finished the day going back to my desk, where I had missed being amongst the team for the day. Next time I’m bidding for the Global Alliances role, as the trip to Dublin had no upset customers and a good night out!!”

A great experience for all involved, thank you for your generosity and watch this space for our next fundraising activities!

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